Henry Bedloe was a classmate who bullied Daniel when he was in school. He is mentioned in the Loading Screens of Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Information Edit

Not much is known about Henry's past, but his mother was abusive, and therefore he became a bitter, angry child. One day Daniel, giving in to peer pressure, struck Henry with a rock. After this, Daniel was punished by his abusive father. Later, Daniel was afraid Henry would show up at his house for revenge.

After killing the little girl, Zimmerman's daughter, Daniel begins to think of himself as terrible, like Henry.

Loading Screens Edit

  • The other children cheered him on. His name voiced in a steadily rising pace, urging him to do it. “Am I really doing this?”, the young boy thought and struck his victim with a rock. (From Daniel's perspective, standing up to Henry. Found in the Entrance Hall.)
  • Henry Bedloe went to class carrying the anger of his bitter mother. He never cried, he made others cry instead. Pain is like that, you either become sad or you become angry. Henry always chose the latter. (Found in the Sewers and after Daniel is abducted by the Servant Grunts.)
  • All his life he had thought that he was a good man. Terrible deeds were only committed by terrible people, like Henry Bedloe, the bully in school, but now he had seen what he himself could do. (Found during the last part of the game, on the way to the Orb Chamber.)
  • There is never any escape. Things like this live with you always. How could he know if Henry would show up down the road or even at his house? Is he that mad? Would he do that? (Found in the Sewers and after Daniel is captured by the Servant Grunts.)
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