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"A cleansing fire always burns little Mandus, but it purifies and it makes anew."
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Daniel, I hate to bother you further but... If you're really going after Alexander, Would you consider- taking me with you? I know that sounds ridiculous, I mean look at me.


Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa is the deuteragonist of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, based on the famous historical figure.[4] Agrippa is voiced by Bill Corkery.[3]


Agrippa's true appearance before being trapped by Alexander is unseen. It is assumed he looked like his real-life counterpart. During the events of the game, Agrippa is horribly emaciated, with his lower jaw completely missing, and his eyes are a lifeless white. He's also shown to have no body hair whatsoever. It is unknown why his body is in such a state.


Despite Agrippa's hopeless and lifeless situation, he is very talkative and friendly. From the start, he is very friendly with Daniel, even making a joke about Daniel's name - referencing the biblical Daniel, a prophet thrown into the lion's den. However, a large reason for his friendliness is, in part, Daniel being the only person who can rescue him. Regardless of this, Agrippa even states that he has no right to ask Daniel on what to do when asking if Daniel will take Agrippa with him.

Should Daniel decide to not make Weyer's potion and/or simply leave Agrippa where he is, he doesn't seem to hold any ill will toward Daniel.


Early life[]

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Encountering the orbs[]

As an adult in the early part of the 16th century CE, Agrippa had pursued the mysterious, powerful artifacts known as the orbs for "twenty odd years," according to his letter to Weyer, before finally discovering one. In the summer of 1525, Agrippa had visited the isolated Prussian town of Altstadt and, during an exploration of the woods thereabouts, stumbled on an ancient Mithraic temple nearby.[5][6]

Straight away, the Shadow pursued and caught him, but the guardian ultimately spared the man. He couldn't speak of the incident for another decade out of fear the cosmic beast would return.[5] He and his student, Johann Weyer, came into contact with Alexander of Brennenburg and worked with him to study the mystic relics.[7][8]This relationship was very productive and Alexander came to trust both men with his deepest secrets. Alexander managed to later recover Agrippa's orb in order to power his attempt to return.[citation needed] However, he botched his attempt to perform the Final Ritual, and so the orb was shattered into pieces when he prematurely activated it.[citation needed] The elderly Agrippa then was kept prisoner by Alexander in the Nave after his former student, Johann Weyer, escaped to the Other World and enraged Alexander as he was unable to return to the world where he was banished from.[citation needed] His soul was trapped inside a dying husk of a body to ensure he wouldn't die of old age.[citation needed] Alexander wanted to further study the orbs with him, but Johann Weyer wanted to free Agrippa, giving Alexander a formula for a potion that would release Agrippa from his body.[citation needed] He offered to take Alexander back to his own world, but Alexander was unwilling to trust Weyer and kept Agrippa prisoner.[citation needed]

Events of The Dark Descent[]

Daniel encountered Agrippa in the Nave, past the halfway mark of the events in the story. Alexander had Agrippa locked up within the depths of Brennenburg Castle, mutilating his body and at the same time keeping him alive. When Daniel encounters Agrippa, he is asked to create a potion designed by his pupil Johann Weyer, so that Agrippa will be freed from his useless and unmoving body.

When Daniel approaches Agrippa, he will lose some sanity when Agrippa looks up at him. A switch attached to a container must be pulled for Agrippa to communicate further. If Daniel decides not to pull the switch, then upon entering the Nave after escaping from the Cells, and consequently, the Shadow, Agrippa's head will already be removed and he will not talk.

Agrippa mug shot

Concept Art "Mug Shot" of Agrippa.


Agrippa's writings on the occult.

Agrippa may be telepathic; when asking questions to Daniel he doesn't wait for his answer, as though knowing what Daniel will say before he can even voice it, which is also supported by his lack of a functioning jaw. Apparently, Alexander also shares this ability. However, it is entirely possible that the game merely omits Daniel's dialogue.

Agrippa is used as a plot device to resemble Daniel's morality. If the player chooses not to save Agrippa, Daniel will be depicted as selfish and hateful. If the player made the effort to save Agrippa with Weyer's tonic, Daniel will be depicted as charitable and sympathetic. These choices also affect how Alexander first responds when finally confronted, and loading screen messages explaining the fate of Daniel's sister, Hazel. If Agrippa's severed head was placed in Alexander's portal at the end of the game and Daniel is consumed by The Shadow, Agrippa's voice is heard, pointing to Daniel's good character by stating that he "deserves so much more."

Possible endings[]

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa00

Portrait of the real-life occultist Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

Daniel could create Johann Weyer's tonic, giving him the option to free Agrippa. Upon being fed the tonic, Daniel was asked to saw off Agrippa's head, which can then be put into the player's inventory.

In the final portion of the game, Daniel can place Agrippa's head into the portal after it opens, where Agrippa was teleported into the Other World. The Shadow then proceed to kill both Daniel and Alexander, but Daniel will be saved by Agrippa and Johann Weyer. The game ended with Agrippa asking Johann to help Daniel and told him everything would be alright.

  • If Daniel refuses to help Agrippa, then it is likely he meets his end at the hands of the Shadow.
  • If Daniel saws off Agrippa's head but doesn't put it through the portal, then he most likely dies after Weyer's tonic wears off.


  • "Daniel? Like the prophet thrown into the lion's den. Tell me – are you among the lions, Daniel? You want to stop Alexander? Oh, my... so Babylon shall fall, you say."
  • " I was once quite important, you know."
  • "There he is. Do you see him, Weyer? He deserves so much more. Please, help him, I know you can."


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