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This is a page containing all quotes for Father Hector David.

Real-time dialogue[]

This is for all Hector David dialogue that takes place in real-time during Amnesia: Justine.


  • "Who are you?! Who's there?" - David hears Justine outside his cell where he is being held in the Library, but because he is bound by chains somewhere in there he cannot see her.
  • "You'll burn for this - You'll burn for this!" - The priest begins to make threats when he realises it must be Justine standing outside his cell.
  • "Sick, twisted child." - Father David expresses his disgust and contempt for the aristocrat.

Being killed[]

First pull[]

  • "...argh! Have mercy..." - Cried out when Justine pulls the lever once and an unknown device crush or impales the priest.
  • "...argh! Help me God..."

After-pull idle[]

David recites parts of the Bible, apparently the King James Version, though with words added from common phrases found in other parts and other words changed in vernacular ways (such as substituting "who art" for "which art").

Second pull[]

David screams in agony when Justine repeatedly pulls the lever, or slots in the wrong slides, resulting in his death by some unseen device, and partly recites a Bible verse, on the triumph over death.

Being freed[]

  • "Look out for Justine, that demon, she may still be close." – When Justine slots in the correct slides thus triggering a mechanism that releases David from his chains and opens an unseen door somewhere in the Cell. David warns his savior about Justine, not realising it is her.

Ending dialogue[]

  • "God be praised. You have saved us child. Open the door." - The priest congratulates Justine, unaware it is her, if she has chosen to save him.