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"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
The following section is written from an out-of-universe perspective.

Levels of health in The Dark Descent.

Health represents the player character's physical condition. Getting attacked by Gatherers, Suitors, and Kaernks in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, standing in the red organic substance left by The Shadow, touching (or clicking on) certain objects and hazards and suffering long falls will decrease health. The icon for the player's health status is absent in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, but Oswald can still get hurt and die if badly wounded by a Manpig, Failed Experiments, hazards, or taking damage from falling but regenerate health. In Amnesia: The Bunker, certain attacks from the Beast, from other enemies, and from standing too close to explosions, toxic gas, and fire will harm the player. Health is absent from Amnesia: Rebirth

Health Levels[]

Measured in the same way as sanity. Health is divided into four levels and has a glowing colour associated with each level: green, yellow, orange and red, which is respectively related from most to least healthy, which are the following:

Amount Text
100-75 All is good.
74-50 A few cuts and bruises.
49-25 A wound is bleeding quite badly.
24-0 Barely conscious.

Health is slowly regenerated over time when at less than 52 health. Laudanum can be used to increase health, by 25 per bottle.

In Amnesia: The Dark Descent[]


There are many ways to avoid health loss, but there are times when it can't be avoided. For example, there are some small areas the player must go through to make progress, but these areas are covered in The Shadow's red organic substance, making it very hard to pass by without taking damage. Another example is when the player has to sacrifice blood in order to open the way to the Orb Chamber. Touching some hazards over and over may bring the health down to the lowest state, but will never kill the player. An example of this can be seen in Justine when exploring the tunnels above the cells; the player is forced to jump down from the tunnels to the ground below, which usually causes the player to lose some health.


When the player character suffers any form of damage, the screen will give a quick red flash and a bloody decal will appear off-centre. If Daniel's or Justine's health is in the "all is good" or "few cuts and bruises", no visual alterations will occur. While in the "wound is bleeding" state, the screen will be slightly darker with a slow-acting noise effect. In the "barely conscious" state, the screen will be the same as the previous health state but with a red tint and heavy breathing coming from the character, as well as being unable to sprint. The player's view will bob up and down while in the bottom two health states.


If health is depleted, the character will fall to the ground and their vision will go black. In addition, the vision fades to black and the sounds will slowly become distorted and lower in pitch. If death hints are enabled on the game's menu the screen fills with warped-text saying things such as "You have to carry on...", "Watch your step..." or "The Shadow is closing in...", the text is displaying hints in context to what situation killed Daniel. In Hard Mode, all death hints are simply replaced with "You died...".

Falling from great heights or into a bottomless chasm, and sometimes pursuing monsters or other horrors will cause instant death, regardless of Daniel's current health status

After the black-screen message, Daniel will be restored to life with full sanity, but any consumable-items that were used before dying will not be returned. He'll usually regain consciousness at the beginning of the room or area where he just died. Where Daniel is "resurrected" depends on what killed him, for example, if he died by falling off a ledge he'll often be returned to the spot just before he fell. If the Kaernk kills Daniel, he will be returned to before the monster began to chase him. When killed by the Gatherers, Daniel will sometime end up in a completely different passageway or room in the place he was murdered. This is caused by the fact that the player gets new spawn-points when they reach new areas. Otherwise, they will be spawned in front of the entrance door of the map. On rare occasions, the player will come back to life only to be greeted by a hallucination. Dying a certain number of times in some areas can cause Daniel to spawn in a different location.

If the Shadow catches Daniel during the chase after escaping the Cells, but before the blocked doorway, it will give him a head-start next time. This gives Daniel the opportunity to clear the debris out of his path before the entity chases him for a second time.


At the end of the game, if Daniel allows Alexander to use the Orb or if he uses it himself to save Agrippa, The Shadow devours Daniel and he will not come back to life. These deaths make up three of Amnesia's four possible endings.

In Amnesia: Justine[]

Death is final for Justine. When Justine's health depletes, depending on the cause, she may either be taunted or eaten by a Suitor.

Amnesia: Justine does not have save-points, so Justine's death is an instant game over, forcing the player to start from the beginning.

In Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs[]

If Oswald dies, he will usually respawn close-by, usually, at the last quicksave spot or right before the area where the monster was encountered. If Oswald is killed by the game's equivalent of the Kaernk after a scripted fall into the water, he will either spawn right before the event or up the pursued ladder, depending on how close to the ladder the player managed to get before death.

In Amnesia: The Bunker[]

Henri hand

Henri's slightly bloodied hand.

The ability to visually monitor health directly returns in this game. When the player looks at their inventory, Henri Clément will raise his left hand. The bloodier the hand is, the less health remains. Health is restored using bandages and medkits, which can be found as such, or created by crafting two pieces of cloth together.

Bandages will restore a small amount of health, while medkits will restore full health. Not healing after some time can cause more problems for the player, as bleeding will leave a trail of blood behind Henri, attracting rats. These rats can attack Henri, causing him to lose even more health.

Playing in Shell Shock mode makes health management more difficult, as taking damage can cause Henri to bleed, which is a status effect that slowly diminishes health further over time. In this mode, bandages only stop bleeding, but do not restore health as they do in easier difficulties. Only medkits can restore health.