Amnesia: The Dark Descent

"A cleansing fire always burns little Mandus, but it purifies and it makes anew."
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Hazel was the younger sister of Daniel. She is not directly mentioned or seen in the game. Instead, she's mentioned through a series of loading screens displaying Daniel's background. The first load screen mentions Daniel on the floor being kicked in the gut; This is believed to be their father abusing Daniel and from Hazel's reaction is a common thing. Hazel is indirectly affected by Daniel's actions in-game. In the later loading screens, it is mentioned that Hazel was sent to a hospital due to her sickness, although she managed to live three years longer than expected. She embraced Daniel and wished him a grand adventure in Algeria before his departure.

If the player plays Daniel in a caring way, it is made so that he would have saved her when she was young, so that she will be alive. If the player plays a Daniel that cares little for others, he will have let her die. How the player plays Daniel in those fashions is only guessed by the player. This includes how Daniel treats Agrippa.

Loading Screens References[edit | edit source]

"He fell to the kitchen floor. Tears were beginning to well in his eyes as he received the first kick in his stomach. Hazel remained hidden, in fear she too would be punished."

"Hazel spent all summer in bed. He used to read to her after helping father with his work. In his mind he was like Scheherazade , and as long as he kept telling the story she would not die."

"When Hazel turned fifteen she had lived three years longer than doctor Tate had foreseen. Her parents had given up from exhaustion and decided to have her committed for permanent treatment at Canterbury Hospice, but she was still alive. She had embraced him and wished him a grand adventure in Algeria."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like Daniel, there is no actually proof or evidence of Mandus being Hazel's grandson due to the fact that there's no clear evidence of the two characters being biologically related.
  • If Hazel is the Grandmother of Oswald, then she would've been mentioned in the note's of Amnesia A Machine For Pigs but there is no real proof on if she lived or not so it's unknown what happens to her after TDD depending on the player's moral actions through out the first game.

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Commentary on Daniel's sister

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