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"A cleansing fire always burns little Mandus, but it purifies and it makes anew."
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Hazel is a mentioned character from Amnesia: The Dark Descent. She was the younger sister of Daniel. She is not heard from or seen in-game, but rather mentioned through a series of loading screens displaying Daniel's family background.


Hazel was born in 1824 in Canterbury, Kent.[4] Her father was an artisan and her mother presumably was a homemaker.[5] She had one older brother named Daniel, for whom she cared deeply. Hazel was stricken with sickness at a young age and Daniel would often read to her during the summers.[6] Her father was physically abusive and would often take out his anger on his children, at one point being known to have kicked Daniel in the stomach in the kitchen, as well as lock him in the dark basement.[7][8] It is unclear if their father abused Hazel to the same extent.

The family physician, Doctor Tate, diagnosed Hazel with an incurable disease, projecting that she would die in 1836 at the age of 12.[3] Despite this prognosis, Hazel was able to live at least three three years longer than expected, although she was sent to the Canterbury hospice due to her parents’ exhaustion with caring for her.[3]Hazel embraced Daniel and wished him a grand adventure in Algeria before his departure.[3]

Daniel wrote an uncompleted draft of a letter he meant to send to Hazel. Although for unknown reasons, he never finished it.[2]

If the player plays Daniel in a caring way, it is made so that he would have saved her when she was young, so that she will be alive. If the player plays a Daniel that cares little for others, he will have let her die. How the player plays Daniel in those fashions is only guessed by the player. This includes how Daniel treats Agrippa.

Mentions of Hazel[]

Loading Screens in The Dark Descent[]

"He fell to the kitchen floor. Tears were beginning to well in his eyes as he received the first kick in his stomach. Hazel remained hidden, in fear she too would be punished."

"Hazel spent all summer in bed. He used to read to her after helping father with his work. In his mind he was like Scheherazade, and as long as he kept telling the story she would not die."

"When Hazel turned fifteen she had lived three years longer than doctor Tate had foreseen. Her parents had given up from exhaustion and decided to have her committed for permanent treatment at Canterbury Hospice, but she was still alive. She had embraced him and wished him a grand adventure in Algeria."

The Unfinished Letter in Rebirth[]

The unfinished letter found at Al-Mamaru Fort indicates that she was still alive at 16th May 1839 and keeping in touch with Daniel.[2] It also mentioned that she asked Daniel to talk about a certain subject with their father. It was not mentioned what the subject had been, but it is apparent that the conversation didn't go well. Because, Daniel wrote "I don't think he will..." and then, decided not to say anything to Hazel (the sentence was crossed out).


  • It is possible that Hazel is the grandmother of Oswald Mandus, which would have made her brother Daniel his great uncle. While her frail health makes this unlikely, it is possible that she recovered or lived long enough to marry and have at least one child.
  • Although unlikely, Hazel could have the same disease as Alys and Amari Trianon, since all 3 children were diagnosed with an "uncurable disease" at an early age and either died, or were expected to die, soon after. This is highly unlikely because of Alys and Amari had a genetic illness that would have ended their lives when they were still toddlers. While Hazel was diagnosed with a disease Dr. Tate believed would end her life at twelve, however she lived at least three years after that, which doesn't match the details of Tasi Trianon's children's illness.