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Hank's notes are a type of note item in Amnesia: Rebirth. They were short memoranda by Hank Mitchell, detailing the expertise of each expedition member, their logistical considerations, and any thoughts Hank had on them.


Hank Mitchell's notes first delineated whether the expedition member needs travelling papers secured, whether their travel to Algiers was provided for, and what Hank's own cursory opinion of or concerns about each were. The last item took up most of the space of the note. Hank analyzed his teammates and recorded his opinion about what each needs, or might need, as well as what issues they might present during the expedition. At the end of a note, he often wrote a to-do list of specific things to attempt and/or to avoid, in order to solve related interpersonal issues.

Each note was accompanied by a photograph, presumably to help Hank match names to faces. All of the photos were headshots, either straight-on or at a three-quarters angle.


These are all of Hank's notes, summarized and presented in order of succession in finding them within the game. There are memories associated with each note, each of a relevant conversation Hank had with Tasi Trianon, triggered by picking up and reading the note.

The Cassandra[]

These are all of Hank's notes found at the Cassandra:

Subject: Information: Thoughts: Associated memory:

Papers: Not our problem

Travel From: Not our problem
Sterling Shipping providing the plane, 'Cassandra'. Custom job. Hope it's got guts, rather than just pretty-looking.

Pilot is Masson. Frenchman, hired by the shipping co. Meet him and hostess (Yasmin) at Maison Blanche, Wednesday 3rd.

Is this Masson from Morocco trip in '33? If so, damn good pilot, but could charm the skin off a snake. Warn Rachael!
Hank light-heartedly ribs Masson's self-assuredness to Tasi.
Chief People Wrangler

Papers: She has arranged

Travel From: Croydon airport
Breath of fresh air. Must thank C for suggesting her. On top of everything, much better at it than me.

Need to give her a bit of time to get to grips with the local scenery, but very promising start. Hopefully she can be a permanent fixture for future trips!
Hank lightly, nonchalantly compliments Rachael's good sense, to which Tasi apparently gives him a "look."

The Caves[]

These are all of Hank's notes found at the Caves:

Subject: "Information": "Thoughts": Associated memory:
Engineering Drafter

Papers: Not needed, French national.

Travel From: Le Bourget
Tasi, Tasi... really don't know how best to handle this. Sure she'll cope in the field – this is not a difficult trip, we've been on much worse – but the last year has been hell for her. That call from Paris... she sounded so broken.

Guess all I can do is look out for her, try to keep her busy. Need to prod Malick and Rachael to do the same.

She's got Salim here too, which will help. I really, really hope this is what she needs – that it can start mending things for her. For both of them.
Hank carefully levels with Tasi and assures her that he'll be sensitive to her recent tragedy.

Papers: German, will need a visa.

Travel From: Hamburg.
Geologist, hired by Triple Crown. Good references.

Had a brief telephone call. Very German! Very precise.

Package deal with second gun, Lukas, her husband. Note to Rachael to sort out sleeping arrangements – they'll want to be together.
Hank wryly comments on the type of women with whom he consistently finds himself working.
2nd Gun

Papers: German, will need a visa.

Travel From: Hamburg
Lukas – second gun, husband of Eva, hired by Triple Crown. German. That's all I got!

Not good – a gun-hand I don't know, in a country they don't know!

Talk to him at Algiers, try to get the measure of him, figure out how well he'll cope.
Hank gives moderate praise of Lukas, noting his quietude and love of his wife.

The Deeper Caves[]

These are all of Hank's notes found at the Deeper Caves:

Subject: "Information": "Thoughts": Associated memory:
Guide/3rd Gun

Papers: Not needed – Algerian.

Travel From: Le Bourget
Good to have Salim back with us, despite circumstances. Must remember Tasi's not the only one hurt by all of this; he's always quiet, might be hard to notice. Note – talk to Malick, so he can keep an eye.

Been a rough year. I had to talk up how dangerous Sudan is a bit with Sterling – We didn't really need a third gun, but Tasi and Salim need to be together right now."
Hank teases Tasi over her (then-recent) betrothal to Salim.

The Desert Path[]

These are all of Hank's notes found at the Desert Path:

Subject: "Information": "Thoughts": Associated memory:

Papers: British, will need a visa.

Travel From: Croydon, with us.
Jonathan is the engineer, another Triple Crown hire. Met in London – has worked on a ton of projects, but never outside England. Nice guy, but like an excited puppy! Desperate to have a proper taste of Africa.

He'll work well with Tasi and Eva, but we need to make sure Leon doesn't steamroller him.
Hank expresses his fondness for Jonathan's good attitude and sense of adventure. He also apologizes for using a turn of phrase that may have been sore for Tasi, due to her recent loss of Alys.

The Fortress Courtyard[]

These are all of Hank's notes found at the Fortress Courtyard:

Subject: "Information": "Thoughts": Associated memory:
Guide/1st Gun

Papers: Sudanese, no visa needed.

Travel From: He's in Algiers already.
Not much to say here! Malick's handling forward prep as usual, buying in supply lists and such – remind Rachael to wire any extra needs to him in Algiers.

Make sure to introduce him to Rachael early on – he can be good backup, stop her doing something stupid (same as he's done for me a million times). Also talk through the Tasi situation with him – he'll do anything for her, even if she doesn't know it.
Hank relates to Tasi how frustrated the normally even-tempered Malick is getting with Leon De Vries. He recalls a similar situation with her father.

The Fortress[]

These are all of Hank's notes found at the Fortress:

Subject: "Information": "Thoughts": Associated memory:

Papers: Swiss, will need a Visa.

Travel From: Basel
Sterling Senior insisted we have a doctor on the expedition because his people don't trust the locals. Told him this was a week at Kayes, not three months in the jungle, but he wouldn't hear it.

So they sent us this guy. Don't know much about him, but they must be paying him a lot to leave a practice in Switzerland. Guess he's competent. Whether he can cope with Africa – we'll see.
Hank comments ambivalently on the Doctor, while also speculating on the man's alcohol habits.
Flight Hostess

Papers: Not our problem

Travel From: Not our problem
Yasmin is a hostess for the plane, provided by Sterling Shipping, along with pilot, Masson. She's local to Algiers – no need for transport.

Why does Sterling need a hostess? Not capable of pouring his own drinks?

Give her run-down on names and faces, make it clear how much she should take, and when to come to me. Could maybe help out w. Tasi?
Hank marvels at how socially adept Yasmin is, especially her skills at making even those with difficult personalities feel at ease.

The Oasis[]

These are all of Hank's notes found at the Oasis:

Subject: "Information": "Thoughts": Associated memory:
The Money

Papers: British, will need a Visa.

Travel From: Croydon, with us.
Alex Sterling, son of Robert Sterling. He's the money. Coming with us to feel like the big boss man and have an adventure, I reckon.

Met up with him in Mayfair. Cheerful and charming and willing to get along and swears he'll know his place and follow all our advice. Yeah. Will believe it when I see it.

Maybe leave wrangling to Rachael? She knows how to navigate the British upper classes. Need to keep him sweet, but no special treatment. Can't travel without his private secretary – not a great start!
Hank cautiously compliments Sterling to Tasi on adapting well to the conditions of the expedition. He qualifies this with his suspicions about the entitlement common to wealthy types.
Private Secretary (?)

Papers: British, will need a Visa.

Travel From: Croydon, with us.
Richard Fairchild – Sterling's private secretary. What's Sterling planning to do, write a book?

Seems like dead weight. Pale kinda fella who looks like he'd run a mile if a gazelle coughed at him. Said he'd like to try his hand at hunting, but I can't see him hurting a fly.

Same as Sterling, I guess – make sure he feels part of the expedition, but no special treatment.
Hank comments on how in-over-his-head Richard seems. He also hints at having perceived the romantic relationship between the man and his employer, mentioning how "obvious" it was why Richard actually accompanied Sterling to such a place as Africa.

The Chamber of Pillars[]

These are all of Hank's notes found at the Chamber of Pillars:

Subject: "Information": "Thoughts": Associated memory:
Mining Expert

Papers: British South African, will need a visa.

Travel From: Rand
Leon De Vries – mine supervisor, recommended by Macfadzean and West, worked on three of the Evander mining projects.

But Phoebe (ex M&W) says she wouldn't invite him to dinner. She likes everyone, so tread carefully here.

Wants to do some hunting while we're in Sudan. Can't see that as a problem, so long as it doesn't get in the way."
Hank has very little to say about Leon, except a sarcastic quip on the man's lack of social graces and/or pessimistic attitude.

The Tower[]

These are all of Hank's notes found at the Tower:

Subject: "Information": "Thoughts": Associated memory:
Team Lead

Papers: Up-to-date from last year

Travel From: Croydon
And I'm writing notes on myself... why, exactly?

'Hank Mitchell is the finest expedition leader you'll ever meet, and the way to his heart is to make sure there's a pint of coffee available at 8am and two fifths of bourbon at 11pm.'

Things to do: – Talk to Rachael and Malick about the Tasi situation. – Make sure Rachael knows the pecking order wrt Alex Sterling, and that I won't bite her head off if she comes to me with problems, but also Malick and Tasi can back her up."
Hank reminisces to Tasi about the days when he merely accompanied her father, on expeditions instead of leading them, when his responsibilities were fewer.