The Hand Drill is a required tool item in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It is found in 3 separate parts that must be combined by the player to assemble the whole drill. The pieces are found and scattered in the Storage.


Handdrill cutout

In-game render of the fully assembled drill.

The Hand Drill is discovered in the Storage, and is originally dismantled into 3 parts which are scattered around in different rooms within it. Once all 3 parts are collected, the drill can be assembled via the player's inventory.

The first use of the drill is in the Storage, by drilling holes in two very large barrels to stream liquid chemicals into a chemistry pot, thus forming an explosive solution that is needed to make further progress in the Storage.

The second and final use of the drill is used in the Morgue. The player must inject oneself with the blood of a recently deceased man as a vaccination. The drill is used to create a hole in the corpse's head, to allow blood to stream from it. After the act, the drill will break and become useless.