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Gustaf Zimmermann was the owner of the Zimmermann Farm and a dairy farmer.[1] He had a wife named Agathe and four children.


Gustaf Zimmermann's relative or ancestor bought the Stoss family farm sometime between 1754 and 1774, possibly from the surviving members of the Stoss family (Anna Koch and her siblings).[3] He lived there with his family. At some point, he married a woman named Agathe and together, they had four children (listed from oldest to youngest): Friedrich, Margarethe, Elise and an infant daughter.

Events of "Waiting for the Rain"[]

Sometime in mid-July, 1839, Friedrich was stricken with typhoid fever.[2] He was ill for almost a month before he finally died.[2] Friedrich was buried on August 18th, 1839 in Altstadt's cemetery.[2] According to Jacob's Diary, Friedrich was mean, although his sisters and his mother Agathe mourned his death.[2] However, no one was more devastated than his father.[2] Gustaf even said that it would’ve be better if one of his daughters' had died instead of Friedrich.[2] This attitude was one of the reasons that resulted in one of his daughters, Elise, making an attempt to run away.[2]

After the burial of Friedrich, Gustaf lost control of his temper and overturned the dining room table, screaming at Agathe and the rest of his family for what he perceived as a lack of respect for their son’s funeral.[2] Gustaf then pushed her to the ground and shouted again before sobering up and storming out of the main house.[2]

However, Gustaf caught Elise as she was fleeing and struck his daughter to the ground.[2] He accused her of being an “erkling,” a sinister creature from folklore; furthermore, he accused her of having murdered Friedrich herself.[2][4] He then he threatened to kill her and root out her wickedness, but he managed to come to his senses before doing so.[2] Elise tried to run, but was caught by a carriage heading to the farm.[2]

Events of The Dark Descent[]

The carriage belonged to Alexander of Brennenburg, who planned to kidnap the family with Daniel.[1] Alexander struck down Gustaf and went to capture the farmhands as Daniel looked for Agathe and her children.[1] Alexander either killed Gustaf on the spot or dragged him back to Brennenburg Castle to harvest his Vitae before disposing of him.[1]


  • « I get it now. You killed him. Your work is done. »


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