Gustaf Zimmermann was the owner of the Zimmermann Farm and a dairy farmer. He had a wife named Agathe and four children.


Gustaf Zimmermann bought Stoss' farm and start to rebuilt it in 1774. After that he settled in there with his wife Agathe.

They had four children (listed from oldest to youngest): - Friederich - Margarethe - Elise - Youngest, unknown daughter

Events of The Dark DescentEdit

Around July 1839, Friederich got a typhoid fever. It took almost a month before he finally died. Friederich was buried on 18th of August, 1839 in Altstadt's cemetery. According to Jacob's Diary, Friederich was mean to his sisters and at least Elise didn't mourn his death. However, his father, Gustaf Zimmermann, was devastated. He even said that it would be better if one of his daughters' had died instead of Friederich. This resulted in one of his daughters, Elise, to run away.

However, Gustaf caught Elise as she was fleeing. He struck his daughter to the ground and threatened to kill her, but came to his senses before doing so. Elise tried to run, but was caught by a carriage heading to the farm. The carriage belonged to Alexander, who was going to kidnap the family with Daniel. Alexander killed Gustaf as Daniel started to look for Agathe and her children.

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