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The gun is a six-chambered revolver from Amnesia: The Bunker. Bullets for it in the game are rare and precious. The gun can be used to ward off the Beast, kill smaller creatures, break open locks and set fuel puddles alight. It is one of two available firearms in the game, the other being the shotgun.

The gun resembles the Model 1892 revolver, which was developed by the state-owned French weapons manufacturer, Manufacture d’Armes de Saint-Étienne.[2] This model was the standard issue sidearm for French officers during World War I.[2]


The gun is a Model 1892 revolver and a common sidearm for non-commissioned officers (or NCOs) and cavalrymen in the French Army, before and during the First World War, as well as for gendarmes (i.e. French police).[2] The gun is a double-action revolver.[note 1] The real-life revolver upon which the gun is modeled has a length of roughly 24 centimeters (9.3 inches) and a weight of roughly 0.85 kilograms (30 U.S. ounces) when unloaded.[1] The gun was manufactured to fire 8mm Lebel caliber cartridges, existing in the game as the revolver bullets item, which were relatively weak compared to the German pistol calibers used at the time, such as 9mm Parabellum and 11mm.[3][1]


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During the game's intro, the game's protagonist, Henri Clément, already has the gun on his person. During a German assault, Henri quickly takes refuge in the trenches, and is soon attacked by German soldiers, but Henri survives this attack with the help of the firearm.

After the intro, Henri wakes up in the infirmary with amnesia. Weak and confused, Henri explores the bunker and comes across an injured soldier, Boisrond, leaning against a box that is blocking a hole in the wall—one of the many holes that allow the Beast to enter. The soldier recognizes Henri and gives him the empty revolver, asking to be put out of his misery.[4] He states that he would rather die by the hand of a fellow soldier than be brutally mauled by the Beast.[5][6] When the gun is taken, it has no ammo.

Once Henri retrieves more ammo in the next room, the Beast suddenly appears and kills the soldier before Henri can end his life himself. From then on, Henri keeps the firearm for himself.

In Shellshock mode however, Boisrond is completely absent, and by proxy his revolver. The revolver can instead be found within a locker, specifically G. Travers. Once Henri finds the relevant code, the revolver can then be acquired.


Like other items found in the game, the revolver can be used to make progress to different areas in the Bunker. Because the gun is one of the most essential items in game, the player cannot drop it, but can place it in the storage box to free up one inventory space. The flashlight can be charged easily while Henri is holding the gun, but holding any other items will require Henri to briefly put them away in order to have a free hand to charge the light.

As mentioned before, revolver bullets are rather uncommon on the normal and hard difficulty, but easier to come across on easy. Because of this, every shot should be carefully planned out and not wasted. Unlike the shotgun, it is not powerful enough to open wooden doors, but with careful aiming, it can destroy padlocks to open metal doors. Shooting explosives is also another way to make progress, whether it's destroying a wooden door or another type of obstacle.

The gun's shots are extremely loud, and each shot will most likely cause the Beast to scout the nearby area if it's within hearing range, especially if the shot caused an explosion. Shooting the Beast will not kill it, but instead stun it for a few seconds, leaving room for a hasty retreat. Shooting it directly twice (consecutively) will cause the Beast to retreat into a hole in the wall.

After a shot is fired, swinging out the cylinder of the gun will cause Henri to discard the empty casing(s). Each fresh bullet must be reloaded one by one. The process of reloading is slow and methodical, so it's advised to do as much reloading beforehand. Due to not only the volume of the gunshot itself, but also the acoustics of the confined Bunker, each shot will temporarily deafen Henri, causing a brief ringing sound to be heard.

Gas tanks can also be shot to release its deadly gas and ward off the Beast, as well as rats, but this will cause an area to be bathed in gas for a few minutes, cutting off access to an area unless Henri has the gas mask in his inventory. Rats will be killed by a single shot.


  • The depiction of the revolver in The Bunker exhibits some inconsistencies as compared to the real one.
    • The gun is incorrectly depicted with both the loading gate being located and the cylinder swinging out on the left side of the frame instead of the right.[1]
      • Ironically, the direction the cylinder advances is clockwise, which is correct on the real-life Model 1892.
    • The ejector rod is also incorrectly modeled as being part of the frame rather than the crane and is not used during reloading, as spent casings simply free fall onto the ground.
    • Normal revolver operation, including the Model 1892, has the cylinder advance to line up a chamber with the barrel, and then the hammer drops, firing the cartridge, and keeping the spent casing in the same position until the revolver is operated again. In-game, the operation of firing the revolver is backwards: the cartridge is fired, and then the cylinder advances to the next chamber. This can be seen easily if the player loads a single round into the cylinder. Before firing, all chambers will appear empty, and after firing, the cylinder will have the spent round in the top-right position on the cylinder.
    • When Henri goes to reload the revolver with spent casings in the cylinder, he tips the gun upwards and shakes the spent casings out, while any that haven't been fired somehow stay in the cylinder. In reality, the opposite would happen; the spent casings (which have expanded due to the high internal pressure created by firing) would tend to stay in, while the smaller, unexpanded, heavier unfired cartridges would tend to fall out instead. Again, pushing the ejection rod would be necessary for quickly removing the spent casings from their chambers.
  • Historically speaking, the term "gun" originally meant all firearms when they were appeared in Europe around 14th-15th centuries. As the variety of arms diversified over the time, in military parlance the definition of "gun" gradually contracted to refer to "artillery" and "cannon", whereas small arms would be referred to by their more specific terms like "rifle" or "pistol".



  1. "Double-action" is a term describing the mechanism of a revolver's function. It means that the hammer is automatically cocked by pulling the trigger, as opposed to "single-action" which requires the user to cock the hammer of the gun manually, before firing. See:


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