"Still having nightmares, I see."
―Alexander to Daniel after the latter wakes up from a nightmare.

The Guest Room is the room Daniel stayed in during his time at the Castle. It can be reached from the Back Hall.


The room is in a state of disrepair, mostly as the Gatherers had demolished the majority of the room searching for Daniel. It actually consists of three separate areas - a larger chamber with a few cupboards, Daniel's bedroom and a smaller room which can only be accessed by forcing the door open with a crowbar. A Servant Grunt will spawn by the entrance to the Guest Room if you step in front of one of the two closets in the room. A good strategy is hiding in one of them (or behind the door if fully opened) until the Gatherer leaves. Closing the door behind you is also advisable as it slows down the grunt a little bit, making quick hiding in one of the closets easier.

The key to the Machine Room is located in the closet room, behind a painting. It is stored in a small glass jar that will have to be broken to obtain the key.

The pieces of the third part of Daniel's diary, "Revelations", are located here. One flashback implies that the entire journal was kept here but the Gatherers had taken and destroyed it while ransacking the place, possibly explaining why its pieces are scattered all over the castle.

Another flashback can be found when examining the bed. In it, Alexander can be heard waking up Daniel, who shouts out in fear. Alexander then asks if Daniel still is having nightmares, and that he promises to get rid of them for him.

Collectibles Edit

Tinderboxes Edit

  • One tinderbox can be found in the desk on the left side of the Guest Room, where you find the crowbar.(73)
  • On top of the fireplace in the bedroom.(74)

Oil Canisters and Barrels Edit

  • An oil can be found on the shelf next to the locked closet door

Laudanum Edit

  • In a desk.

Notes, Diary Entries, and Memory Capsules Edit

  • Daniel's Diary- Revelations - One entry can be found on the desk in the room you start it. Another one can be found in the bedroom to the left, and a third one can be found in the large wardrobe accessed by breaking open the door with a crowbar.


  • There is a glitch where you can get out of the map. Go to the room with the bed and the wardrobe in the corner. You can stack a few objects and try to jump onto/over the wardrobe to get to a little cramped corner. Once you're there, you can jump "through" the wall and you will be out of the map. It should be noted that this must be done carefully or you will miss your target and fall off the map. Once outside, you can navigate your way, read all the notes, grab the key, and trigger the Servant Grunt. If you wish to exit the Guest Room, you can go towards the exit door, lean to the left, and click on the door to exit. This method should be used only if you wish to evade getting hurt by the grunt.
    • Using the glitch to get out of the map will also allow you to grab the crowbar and keep it for the rest of the game.
  • A Gatherer should bash the exit door to the Hall when he leaves, but he simply exits the room without demolition. This happens because the door is used to get to the Back Hall and shows a loading screen, and the game's engine doesn't allow doors between two Locations to be hanging open.
  • Should Daniel trigger the Servant Grunt, the music will change back to the previous vaguely uneasy tune it plays normally, rather than the soothing tune with a harp that it plays when Daniel first enters the Back Hall, and he will find a torso and blood trail on the floor just outside of the Guest Room.
  • It should be noted that it's possible for Daniel to fully explore the Guest Room, get the Machine Room key, and leave without triggering the Servant Grunt, simply by not walking toward the very wardrobe he has to hide in.
  • If you crouch in the corner away from the portait where the key is hidden, then you can see the grunt walk around over there and walk out of the room without trouble.
  • If you hold one of the drawers found in one of the cases, you can rotate it so it is directly in front of you. If done correctly, the grunt will take no notice of you and leave as if you were hiding. This trick works with most monsters.
  • If Daniel were to be killed by the Servant Grunt twice, he will respawn next to the bed and his drawer. If he turns around, he will see a pile of corpses in the fireplace, which will eventually disappear. This is most likely a hallucination.
  • The filename for this map in is titled "10_daniels_room".
  • After the encounter with the Servant Grunt, a mutilated torso is found right outside the door.
  • In one of the chests of drawers, you can find a bottle of laudanum. This may suggest that Daniel used the laudanum even before the events of the game take place, perhaps to help him sleep.


Guest Room

Guest Room

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