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The grenade is a throwable weapon in Amnesia: The Bunker. They are mostly used to clear doors, but can also kill vermin.


In the bunker, there are a number of fragmentation grenades that can be found and used to clear obstacles. Additionally, they may also be used to temporarily stun the Stalker for a short period of time, forcing it to flee, though the explosion's blast radius makes it slightly more difficult to aim than the revolver or shotgun (despite being primarily used to save their ammunition). In addition, grenades, when thrown, sometimes roll or bounce in less predictable ways. The grenade also has a time-to-detonation of several seconds, making offensive use against a pursuing Stalker difficult, as the Stalker's constant and aggressive movements are able to easily evade the explosion.

Grenades are occasionally found as components of tripwire traps around the bunker. These grenades cannot be acquired for use, until the traps are disarmed by use of the cutters. The explosion of a grenade creates a deafening noise, which can draw the Stalker's attention to the source.


  • The grenade seems to most resemble the Model 1915 F1 Grenade, one of the most widely used hand grenades of World War I and one of a few types used by the French Army from 1915 until World War II.[2]
    • Although presumably based on the F1 Grenade, the tapered tops of the grenade seems to more closely resemble the American Mk I and especially resembles Mk II grenades in use during the same war.[3][4] However, the United States did not enter the war until 1917 and likewise did not start producing these grenades until 1917 and 1918 respectively.[3][3][5]



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