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Französicher Hund!
(French dog!)

Insult from the soldiers.

German soldiers are minor enemies in Amnesia: The Bunker. They serve as the lesser, yet overarching antagonists of the game, thematically appropriate for the ongoing First World War, but not as major threats, as they are encountered only at the start and end sections of the story. Unlike the protagonists of other Amnesia games, Henri Clément has ready means of defense and can use his weapons in at least one encounter to repulse them. They are collectively voiced by Austrian actor Marek Oravec.[1]


German soldiers constitute the members of the Imperial German Army during the First World War, who can attack and harm Henri Clément.


In the Trenches[]

German soldiers first appear in the Prologue of the game where four soldiers ambush Henri as he is moving through the trenches. Henri can kill each of them with a single revolver shot or he could wait for Augustin Lambert to shoot them down.

In No Man's Land[]

German soldiers discover Henri after he pulls Augustin out of a deep crater connected to the Other World. They shoot a flare to illuminate the battlefield while they fire on Henri as he carries Augustin to safety. They eventually incapacitate him with a mortar leading to the events of the game.


Henri aims his revolver at the German Soldiers in the Prologue.

While not seen directly, it is revealed through Augustin's journal that he had miraculously recovered and ended up bringing Henri to the safety of the French lines despite the pressure from the Germans. This is due to the water from the crater that Henri used to hydrate Augustin before pulling him out. The water, which was form the Other World, rapidly healed his wounds and gave him strength beyond that of a normal human.

In the bunker[]

When entering the Prison section of the Bunker, a German prisoner, Karl Springer, can be found bound and rambling in one of the cells. He is tied to a chair with a bag over his head and will react to any sounds he hears. Coincidentally, a pair of bolt cutters are locked in his cell which Henri needs to progress in his escape. Springer is aware of the Beast and constantly pleads with Henri to leave him in his cell, believing that he is safe regardless of his constraints.

Once Henri reaches the cell controls, he can open the cells, including Springer's. This will, however, induce Karl into a screaming panic, attracting the Beast who will then brutally kill him. Alternatively, Henri can kill the prisoner himself. It is also possible for Henri to save the prisoner by somehow distracting or warding the monster away, snatching the bolt cutters, then rushing back to the controls to close his cell before the Beast could return.

If Henri climbs into the Pillbox, he will be sighted and shot at by a German sniper across the battlefield. The sniper is too far away for Henri to meaningfully return fire.

When nearing the collapsed exit of the Bunker, or standing in the crater where Augustin was found, Henri could hear the on-going battle against the Imperial German Army.


The Germans are seen one last time during both of the game's endings, in which, after making his escape, Henri falls down into a waterlogged ditch surrounded by dead infantrymen. Immediately after, several German soldiers, possibly a patrol or an outpost, are alerted and encroach on his position. Henri's fate after that unknown.

It is likely that Henri was discovered and either taken in by the Germans as a prisoner-of-war or simply executed.


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  • At least one piece of German military equipment ended up in Henri Clément's hands: the flashlight, which is clearly based on the standard issue, hand-cranked "magnet lamp" used by the Imperial German Army in World War I by at least 1918.[2]
  • This game is the first in the Amnesia series where the first enemies encountered by the player are humans rather than some kind of monster (if one counts Suitors as non-human enemies).
  • Germany captured far more prisoners-of-war in the First World War than did Britain or France.[3] By 1915, in fact, they had over a million soldiers in captivity.[3] Capture and internment as a P.O.W. is a possible fate for Henri after the end of the game.
  • The model of the German soldier is completely bald with three scars, although this can't be seen normally during gameplay due to the helmet.



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