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"They weren't looking forward to visitors, were they?"
This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

Keep on at all times! This fucker hates light.

Note found near the generator.

The generator is a key environmental device in Amnesia: The Bunker. Its function is to keep the lights on throughout the bunker and bring power to the many areas of the compound, which became vital in Henri Clement's escape. The generator will run out of fuel faster at higher difficulties.

The pocket watch can be used in conjunction with the generator, as every time the generator is given fuel, Henri will set the watch's time to match how long the generator can run. This makes the watch a useful tool in monitoring the generator's run time anywhere in the Bunker.


The generator can be found in the Generator room, a special room connected to Administration in the Central Bunker. Inside is a small storage unit and in the corner, sits the large machine near a deceased soldier. When Henri first woke up from his coma, the generator had already been running. However, shortly afterward, it shut off as it ran out of fuel.

The generator is paramount to Henri's survival, as it keeps the Beast at bay, which is a creature of the dark. It will power the entire facility and keep the lights on. If the generator runs out of fuel, a blackout will occur, with the only sources of light being the sparse and occasional emergency lights, fires and lanterns. In this period of time, the Beast will become incredibly active and aggressive until the power is turned back on.


The generator is a fuel-powered device that can be fed through a funnel on its front section, with a fuel gauge to show the capacity. The generator can be powered by utilizing generator fuel, which can be found in canisters throughout the bunker. The fuel is petrol-based and highly flammable, meaning it can be used for other purposes as well, in the form of fuel bottles and petrol bombs, to mainly fend off enemies and burn corpses, thereby preventing rat infestations. The fuel can also be directly poured onto the ground and lit by any ignition source.

The generator can also be fueled by filling empty bottles with petrol. In Maintenance, Henri can gain access to the Fuel Storage, wherein lies a giant canister that is loaded with petrol and can be looted infinitely, for a technically infinite supply of fuel, so long as there are empty bottles to collect it with. This offers a steady and endless supply of petrol that can keep the Generator going indefinitely.

On top of powering the lights, the generator also powers several other functionalities that Henri needs to fulfill his escape. These are as follows:

The Arsenal code from the radio, transmitted by Joubert, is needed to acquire the dynamite bundle. The cutters are needed to open up the gate in Storage Area C and the water needs to be drained to progress further at that point and retrieve the detonator handle. These facts make powering the generator mandatory in order to beat the game, at the very least for long enough to accomplish the aforementioned tasks.

In Shell Shock mode, managing the generator's fuel becomes a more difficult task, as fuel is also required to use the lamp for saving the game. This means that the player must balance the use of fuel between powering the generator to ward off the beast, saving progress, and lighting rat-infested corpses ablaze to ease exploration. If playing in Custom mode, setting the generator's run time to "infinite" completely negates the need for the player to fuel it, and also removes the pocket watch.

Fuel times[]

The following list provides the estimated time the generator remains active (provided it is full) for each setting seen in Custom Mode, with the matching difficulty modes seen in parentheses:

  • Minimum – 6:15
  • Very Short – 10:00
  • Short – 13:45 (Hard, Shell Shocked)
  • Default – 17:30 (Normal)
  • Long – 25:00 (Easy)
  • Very Long – 35:00 (Very Easy)
  • Infinite

Regardless of the difficulty setting, the game treats a full generator as if it were 60 minutes of in-game time.