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The gas mask is a protective full face mask and respirator, with the role of a tool item in Amnesia: The Bunker. The main use of the gas mask is to protect against the effects of Gas Grenades, either used by Henri Clement himself or triggered as part of a booby-trap.


With the gas mask equipped, Henri will have a large advantage over the Beast with the use of gas grenades and tripwire traps of said grenades. Henri will be able to cross gassed areas that the Beast cannot. The player can intentionally trip gas grenade traps in order to block an area from the Beast, although tripping the trap will summon the Beast to begin with.

Although the mask allows Henri to breathe in gassed areas, the smoke will still impede the player's vision. Gas tanks and gas grenades can leave an area gassed for quite some time, which can waste the player's time in terms of managing generator fuel. Equipping the mask will rectify that problem.

Wearing the mask in the Roman Tunnels will cause the player to no longer see the wandering ghosts in the area, but this adds the risk of limited vision and muffled hearing. This will make it useful for defeating Toussaint Beaufoy with a gas grenade, as the player will not only be immune to the gas, but will have less chance of mistaking the ghosts for Beaufoy.


  • If the gas mask is equipped during the ending cutscene after the Arena, the cutscene will continue with the mask on, although the audio will no longer be muffled.
  • The gas mask is based on the French M2 gask mask, in production from 1916 to 1918.[1] The mask went through a few different models of production to improve its durability during transport and ease of care out of combat.[1]
    • The M2 gas mask was unusual among World War I gas masks, in that it was designed without a dedicated filtration unit, as the entire mask being constructed out of one whole material—essentially, the face mask acted as the filter.[1]





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