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The gas grenade is a weapon in Amnesia: The Bunker. They are used to repulse the rats and the Beast from an area for a short time, although it cannot kill the vermin or the Beast.


Once thrown, the gas grenade remains inactive for a few seconds, followed by it spraying out poisonous yellowish gas. The amount of time the gas is sprayed out lasts roughly one minute. Although the gas grenade does not have the sudden explosive power of a standard fragmentation grenade, its effects are long-lasting, and it can cut off access to an area for some time, making the Gas Grenade useful for keeping enemies away from an area.

Wearing the Gas mask grants immunity to its effects. Without a gas mask, care should be taken as to where a gas grenade is thrown, as tossing it in the wrong place can trap the player for an extensive period.

While it cannot kill the ghoulified rats or the Beast, the gas can kill Sdt. Toussaint Beaufoy, as he is a normal human.




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