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"A cleansing fire always burns little Mandus, but it purifies and it makes anew."
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I’ve seen it before. A long time ago, when I was boy.

Gabriel, to Herr Zell while following a mysterious figure.

Gabriel (also known as The Outrider) is the main character of the Remember short story collection short story "The Outrider," and is mentioned briefly in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. He was a Prussian outrider who grew up in Altstadt.


Gabriel was born and raised in the small town of Altstadt, to an unknown mother and father. His father was apparently killed chasing after a Gatherer while Gabriel was still young.[1] Gabriel only witnessed his father stepping into the woods, never to return—most likely killed by the Gatherer. This event has scarred Gabriel, and he still remembers it clearly as an adult.[1]

At some point, Gabriel left Altstadt to work as an Outrider. This profession involved following carriages on horseback, scouting ahead for dangers, and keeping the peace.

Events of "The Outrider"[]

In late July 1839, Gabriel was hired to escort Daniel, a young archaeologist on his way to visit Baron Alexander of Brennenburg, from the port city of Bremen to his home town of Altstadt, where Daniel was to stay for a night before heading up to Brennenburg. Hesitant to take the job, he finally accepted because of the carriage's destination—he hadn't been to Altstadt in over a year.[2]

After a long trip, he arrived at Altstadt with the carriage. After rendezvousing with his young friend Jacob, the stableboy, he went in to the inn with Daniel for some food and drink. He advised Daniel to stay at the inn for the night before heading up to the castle.[3]

A while later, Gabriel went out again to talk a bit with Jacob, who had just finished taking care of the horses.[4] He also gave Jacob an apple and advised him to plant the seeds after eating it.[4] Gabriel then studied Herbert's broken old watch that he had received from Daniel after the man had realised it was broken.[5] He planned to have it repaired, but was curious as to why the name Herbert was on the lid as opposed to Daniel.[5] While they were talking, the black cat that hung around Altstadt, Tinker, was heard struggling.[6] They went to investigate and saw a mysterious cloaked figure shoving the cat down into a bag.[6] Jacob ran up to try and save the cat, but was struck by the figure.[6] Gabriel pulled Jacob into the stables, grabbed a spare rifle, and ran after the figure, fleeing to the forest; however, Gabriel still felt a need to deal with it, as his father had gone after something similar and never returned.[7]

Right before the figure headed into the forest, Gabriel took a shot at it, but missed.[8] The shot alerted a local cooper, Herr Zell, who informed Gabriel that he too had seen mysterious figures like the one before.[8] Gabriel borrowed the townsman's lantern, and ran into the woods after the mysterious figure.[9] At this time, he realised that he was "following in his fathers footsteps", and he began to regret his decision.[9] After a while, he found the creature and shot it in the back, causing it to drop the sack with Tinker inside of it.[10] However, the figure did not collapse from the wound, and instead made its way into a nearby cave.[10]

Gabriel, desiring revenge on the thing for killing his father, followed it into the cave, which turned out to be a tunnel.[11] The mysterious figure spotted Gabriel and lunged at him. While wrestling the mysterious figure, its hood came off, revealing the thing to be a twisted monstrosity.[11] He managed to escape the Servant's grip by smashing it in the face with the lantern, setting it alight.[11] Realising more figures were approaching from the distance, he quickly extricated himself and ran back towards Altstadt.[12] On the way, he fell down into the brook, where he lay face down for a while, thinking of ending his life because of the horrible things he saw.[12] He pontificated on whether or not his father decided to commit suicide instead of being murdered, and upon deciding he didn't want to join his father, he got out of the water and made his way back to Altstadt.[12]

The following morning, Gabriel took Daniel up to Brennenburg.[citation needed] He touched the brim of his hat as a final farewell, before heading back for Altstadt.[citation needed]

Gabriel was to stay at Altstadt until Daniel came back from Brennenburg.[citation needed] After that, he was to take Daniel back west.[citation needed] During this time, he managed to fix the old watch, which he called "Herbert", since it said so on the lid of the watch.[citation needed] Jacob, sad that Gabriel was to leave soon, hoped that Daniel would never return from the castle.[citation needed]


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Escape Plot

(Occurs when you enter the cell with the hole in the floor in the southern prison area )

  • Daughter: But mother, I don’t want to leave without you.
    Mother: Hurry child – you must go. Find Gabriel the outrider and tell him to alert the king’s men.
    Daughter: No, you come too!
    Mother: Please, we don’t have time to make the hole any wider!
    Daughter: But…
    Mother: Someone is coming. Hurry! I’ll cover the hole with the bed. Everything will be fine – I promise.


2 August 1839

I have arrived at the village of Altstadt. It's a haven in the midst of a vast forest and it's the last stop before my final destination, Castle Brennenburg. It's late in the evening and the outrider, who has been with the coach since Bremen, advised me to wait until morning before I venture further.

I have arranged for a bed at Der Mühle, the village's only inn, and am now waiting for the sun to rise. I try to sleep, but as I close my eyes I see the men who fell victim in London. My fear and shame forces me to witness the same scenes over and over.

They are dead because of me.


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