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Fuses are puzzle items in Amnesia: The Bunker. They were released in the Halloween update for Shell Shock mode. Fuses are only seen in Shell Shock, as well as in Custom mode, if enabled by the player.


The fuse is a puzzle resource item used to enable power in subsections of the bunker by placing a fuse in an area's fuse box. Given that some areas require the generator to be powered in order to make progress, fuse boxes in some areas are required to have a fuse placed in them. Fuses are interchangeable—that is, any fuse will work in any fuse box. Additionally, fuse boxes only accept one (1) fuse at a time. Once a fuse is inserted into the fuse box, and the lever pulled, it is permanently locked inside the reciprocal.

In custom mode, the player can manually set the initially powered fuse boxes, ranging from none, to 3.

The three areas that require power for progression are as follows:

  • Soldier Quarters – to power the radio in the Communications room that grants the code to access the Arsenal.
  • Arsenal – to use the pump that drains the water on the way to the detonator handle.
  • Prison – to use the cell door control panel that grants access to the cutters.



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