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Fuel is a resource item in Amnesia: The Bunker. Fuel is mainly used to fill up the generator to keep the lights in the bunker fully on, which restricts the activity of the beast therein. It can also be used in crafting new items.


The fuel itself is petrol kept in a dull metal canister. It is added to the generator's stock by manually pouring the petrol out of the container into the fuel funnel of the generator. The generator can be filled to full by pouring in five canisters. These canisters can be found scattered throughout the bunker, and there will always be at least one fuel canister in the generator room upon first discovering it.

Fuel can also be used in some crafting recipes. Combining one fuel with one empty bottle, creates one fuel bottle, which requires a further one cloth to create a petrol bomb.

Fuel can also be poured on the floor with three aimed swings of the canister. These puddles can then be lit by firing at them with the gun, dropping a flare or using the lighter. Despite the fuel being flammable, shooting it with either the gun or shotgun will not cause it to explode or spill.

In Shellshock mode, one canister or bottle of fuel must be used on a lantern to save the game.


To save on fuel, the generator should only be powered on when scouting large, important and farther away areas. If scouting areas that are a short distance away from the generator, ⁣it may be in the player's best interest to power the generator down and conserve the fuel. This becomes more important on harder difficulties, where fuel will be burned away much faster.

The storage box should be used to hold onto extra fuel items that are not needed at certain times, although dropping the fuel nearby is a good alternative if the storage box is full. Once either the wrench or bolt cutters are obtained, players will have access to the wine cellar, that is seen just before entering the Maintenance area. This area has a very large amount of empty bottles, which can be used in conjunction with the fuel keg found on the other end of the maintenance area, as this keg can dispense an infinite amount of fuel.

It also might be in the player's best interest to power the generator off when traveling through the Roman Tunnels, but take note that the power must be on to drain the tunnels that lead to the Roman Tunnels. Once the flooded area is drained, the generator should be powered off, as exploring the Roman Tunnels may take a long time, and leaving the generator on during this time can waste a very large amount of fuel.

There is potentially as much fuel in the game as there are bottles, as they can be filled with fuel at no cost at the Fuel Storage, in the Maintenance section. It is especially advisable on higher difficulties, to clear a path to the fuel storage, as it allows for easy access to it. There are multiple empty bottles in the wine cellar, near the enterance to Maintenance, leading to a potential 40+ fuel bottles.