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For the rest of his familymembers, see Zimmermann Family.

Friedrich Zimmermann was the older brother of Elise Zimmermann and the beloved son of diary farmer Gustaf Zimmermann. He is a mentioned character in the short story "Waiting for the Rain"—part of the Remember short story collection, and his death was the cause of his father's depressive and abusive behavior, leading to a psychotic break.


Friedrich Zimmermann was the eldest child and only son of dairy farmer Gustaf Zimmermann and his wife Agathe, as well as the older brother of Margarethe, Elise, and an unnamed infant sister.[2] Very little is known about Friedrich, other than that he was beloved by most of his family, especially his father, although he was considered to be somewhat mean by Jacob, a local boy in Altstadt and the best friend of his sister Elise.[2]

His death served as the catalyst for Elise’s epiphany and attempt to run away, as well as Gustaf’s spiraling physiological instability.[2][3] It is also possible his death caused Margarethe's decision to marry someone she had originally declined, due to the loss in man-power.


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