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The French Foreign Legion (French: Légion étrangère) is a military force, consisting historically of non-French volunteer soldiers working in the service of France. It was founded originally in AD 1831 by King Louis Philippe I of France, when he created within the French military (a conscripted force that was barred to foreigners) a separate mercenary corps to circumvent this restriction.[1] Its purpose was originally to aid in the French conquest of Algeria, but after its refounding in 1835, the Legion gained more prominence and renoun as an elite fighting force and often served France abroad since.[1]


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Before Amnesia: Rebirth[]

In 1911, the French Foreign Legion occupied and refurbished an old Ottoman fortress, Al-Mamaru Fort, as part of their efforts to pacify the surrounding area, which was infamous for numerous caravans and traders disappearing.[2] In 1917, the occupation was scaled back, likely due to the ongoing Great War.[2]

In 1923, the outpost was throughly reinforced yet again by the French; however, at the same time similar outposts were scaled back, likely due to how difficult it was to supply garrisons in such remote locales.[2] However, the French held onto the Al-Mamaru garrison for far longer than was considered sensible.[2]

At some point, Captain Augustin Lefevre was appointed as the head of the fort's garrison. Captain Lefevre was a peaceable man who treated the locals in the area, the Kel Hanan, with relative fairness.[3] This caused consternation among more boorish members of the garrison, such as Sergeant Fournier, who believed the Kel Hanan were secretly harboring rebellious intent.[3]

On March 13th, 1929, two soldiers—Legionnaires Desrosiers and Lauritz—harassed some of the Kel Hanan women, which happened semi-regularly.[4] Cpt. Lefevre assured the Kel Hanan that the behavior would not be repeated and ordered a private punishment (out of view from the locals) for both offending soldiers.[4] Seeing that his men were becoming restless due to idleness, Cpt. Lefevre put them to work excavating the lower levels of the complex, namely the ruined Cistern.[2][4]

However, the disturbance of the excavation attracted a pair of Ghouls from the surrounding area; they began to stalk and hunt down the garrison.[2][4][5] On March 18th, Corporal Lavoie reported a disturbance on the lower slopes, speculating that the Kel Hanan were plotting a retaliation. Cpt. Lefevre was more cautious but doubled the guard.[4] The very next day, Legio. Desrosiers and the Quartermaster, Corporal Delacroix, went missing.[4] Sgt. Fournier believed both men were hiding in the cistern, until Corporal Khalid found the body of Desrosiers in a cellar two days later on March 21st.[4] Cpt. Lefevre suspected Desrosiers and Delacroix had gotten into an argument, leading to Desrosiers accidental death and Delacroix's desertion.[4] The next day, Legio. Ernest Duguay was killed in an incident in the cistern, which the men reported as an animal attack.[5] The captain placed the fort on high alert and led a search of the cistern.[4]

Over the next few days, the Ghouls further picked off the members of the garrison, causing the men to booby-trap and block off the areas in attempt to block off and kill them, but failed.[6] The final survivors, Cpt. Lefevre and two of his men, Legionnaires Aldéric and Gardinier, tried to die in defiance, but the Ghouls cornered them in the arsenal cage.[6] The two legionnaires were tortured to death by the Ghouls, while Cpt. Lefevre committed suicide.[6]

One soldier locked himself into the Renault FT tank, but bled to death soon after. Sometime later, desert raiders came across the now-abandoned fortress and broke open into the tank to steal the ammunitions inside; however, they blocked off the fort when they realized it was Ghoul-infested.[2]

Events of Amnesia: Rebirth[]

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Supportive kit[]

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Commissioned Officers[]

Non-commissioned Officers[]

Enlisted men[]

Note: "Legio." is the conventional abbreviation for "Legionnaire," which is the equivalent rank to "Private" in most armies.


  • Albert
  • Jacques
  • Maxime
  • Michel
  • Thierry
  • Victor





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