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Found Documents

The Found Documents tab in Mandus's notes inventory. This displays the tab when no documents have yet been discovered.

Found Documents are recovered notes and diary entries from Oswald Mandus that are found in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, scattered throughout his estate and factory complex. They are one of the primary sources of knowledge of Mandus' life and his actions before coming down with a fever from his disastrous expedition to Mexico. They are essentially the Notes and Diaries from The Dark Descent merged into one category, the other being Mandus' Journal.

In-Game Documents[]

Mansion 1 (Waking the Doll's House)[]

June 24th 1899[]

Edwin and Enoch's diary, October 11th 1899[]

February 14th 1899[]

November 7th 1898[]

Clockwork and the Soul[]

Mansion 2 (In Lily's Honour, a Banquet)[]

Edwin and Enoch's diary, October 3rd 1899[]

Dieses Herz[]

December 20th 1899[]

Old Sallie i' the Doll's Cottager[]

Cellar (Against the Rising Waters)[]

June 3rd 1899[]

August 19th 1899[]

Alley (The collar, The neck, The noose)[]

August 22nd 1899[]

May 1st 1899[]

October 11th 1899[]

September 28th 1899[]

Delivery Schedule[]

Church (Livestock and Bibles)[]

November 23rd 1899[]

Father Jeremiah's Journal, October 1st 1899[]

These final thoughts[]

Factory (And so to The Stoking)[]

October 17th 1899[]

October 18th 1899[]

October 21st 1899[]

April 30th 1899[]

Tunnels (In the Nest of Eggs)[]

July 15th 1899[]

a warning[]

August 20th 1899[]

August 4th 1898[]

Sewer (This Leaking World)[]

October 22nd 1899[]

August 1st 1899[]

February 17th 1899[]

Reactor (The Children, Dancing)[]

March 15th 1899[]

Engine (Mandus, Saboteur)[]

December 29th 1899[]

August 31st 1899[]

December 1st 1899[]

Streets (Anything to Save Them)[]

October 25th 1899 (1)[]

October 24th 1899[]

December 23rd 1899[]

October 25th 1899 (2)[]

Pigline (Farming the World)[]

October 25th 1899 (3)[]

October 27th 1899 (1)[]

October 27th 1899 (2)[]

December 2nd 1899[]

Tesla 1 (The Veil Lifts, the Bride is Waiting)[]

25th December 1899: If You Should Find This[]

Tesla 2 (Mandus Descending Amongst the Spirits)[]

December 28th 1899[]

Removed documents[]

These documents were removed from the final version of the game, but can be found in the game's files.

November 29th 1898[]

House Systems[]

September 11th 1899[]

A Letter of Heartfelt Thanks from Mrs Tabitha Stepwood[]

August 1st 1899[]

March 8th 1899[]

October 23rd 1899[]

December 15th 1899[]

27th December 1899[]

if you are reading this[]


  • Translation of Dieses Herz (This Heart):
    Sleep, my child, sleep
    Your heart beats beneath my hand
    And I cradle you
    In these open wounds of mine
    This heart
    Softly onward through me
    And your heart belongs to me
    And I cradle you
    In this darkening love
    This heart
    Dream these sacred wounds will bleed
    And the angels mourn
    Only to see you sleeping
    My child, sleep and I
    Will cradle you
  • The dates on Enoch & Edwin's diary do not fit in the timeline of the story, as they should be dead by the time they had supposedly written them. This is most likely either an error by the producers, or Mandus' mind twisting the dates as a form of refusal about their deaths.