The Florbelle Estate is the residence of the Florbelle family, and a minor setting in Amnesia: Justine.

Information Edit

The estate exists somewhere in France, possibly in Paris, and had been passed down along the Florbelle family lineage up to Monsieur Florbelle, who lived in the estate with his servants and his daughter, Justine Florbelle.

During his time, the estate was used as a research spot for his latest experiments with the mentally-ill Justine. Monsieur Florbelle apparently constructed the Cabinet of Perturbation, his research base located at the dungeons of the Florbelle Estate. After his demise at the hands of his own daughter, the whole estate was eventually inherited by Justine herself.

Mademoiselle Justine and her housemaids had been occupying the estate for some twenty years, with Justine conducting dark experiments in secret based on Monsieur Florbelle's researches, while at the same time keeping the facade of a gracious noble lady living in a luxurious estate.

Locations Edit

The Florbelle Estate is not seen in the main house, only the basement where Monsieur conducted his experiments. The three Suitors as well as the three hostages are located in these areas.

(S) Denotes the area is mostly Safe. No encounters with any kind of monsters will occur in these areas.

(LR) Denotes the area is of Low Risk. Non-hallucinatic encounters with monsters may occur in these areas.

(HR) Denotes the area is of High Risk. Encounters with different kinds of monsters will occur in these areas.

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