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The flashlight is a tool item in Amnesia: The Bunker. It is used to provide a consistent, if risky, source of personal lighting for the player.


Atb flashlight preview

Henri using the flashlight.

Much like the lantern in the previous games, the flashlight is the primary source of light for Henri Clément. However, unlike the lantern, it does not need oil or any other type of collectible fuel to operate whatsoever (similar to the lamp from Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs). Instead, it's activated by pulling a cord, which spins a dynamo inside powering the light via the build up and collapse of a magnetic field it generates. The light will power off when its mechanism stops spinning after a while.

Though the flashlight can be used at any time without fuel, the downside is that pulling the cord is very noisy, and can easily attract the Stalker to your location. While the flashlight is off, one pull of the cord will keep it lit for only three seconds, but two or more pulls will keep it lit for approximately twenty-seven seconds before going out completely. The flashlight is always held in Henri's left hand, with other items being held with the right. If an item is being held with the right hand, attempting to charge the flashlight will require Henri to briefly put away the right-handed item. The only exception to this is the gun. Henri can charge the flashlight with ease while the gun is held.

Similar to other games in the series, putting the flashlight away is a requirement when hiding, as an active flashlight will give away the player's location. The flashlight, while still active, can be put down and lifted back up seconds later with the light still being active. However, doing this will sometimes turn off the light completely, regardless of how much time the light should have stayed on.

The flashlight is found in the Infirmary storage. Once collected, it cannot be dropped like any other standard item. It can, however, be placed in the storage box to free up one space of inventory. The flashlight on will make the player more visible to the monster, so it is highly recommended to turn the flashlight off when hiding. Remember that two pulls of the cord are all that's necessary for the 27 seconds of light the flashlight is capable of, so avoid the temptation to keep pulling it and potentially attracting unwanted attention.


Real Life Flashlight

An explanatory entry in the magazine Popular Mechanics, from 1919.

In the real world, this was a German dynamo flashlight called a "magnetlampe".[1] The flashlight in this game is heavily based upon it.