This page is about the flashbacks in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. You may be looking for the flashbacks from Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. 


Flashbacks happen periodically throughout the game, triggered most often by entering or walking through certain areas of the game, though some can be triggered by touching certain objects, such as Diary pages. Once started it is impossible to stop a flashback, and the player must wait for it to end before Daniel's view returns to normal.

When activated, the screen will flash white and Daniel will begin to hear voices, most often those of Daniel himself and Alexander, although somehow inexplicably Daniel also experiences 'alien memories' that are not his, such as flashbacks from prisoners, as well as Wilhelm and his men. This is probably the young man's remarkable intuition coupled with the invoked Orb's power that allows him to perceive events before he was even born. During the flashback, the screen will be darker than normal (even if you turn on your lantern, this helps only a little bit, and only in your immediate area). Sources of light glow with a strange hue. Monsters will not see Daniel until flashback ends, so it may be a good idea to find the closest flashback and "hide" in it if you're being chased; furthermore, monsters will walk away right after the flashback starts, its a good time to leave a dead-end area that may get you trapped, like some areas in Prison, don't worry about sanity as it will stay the same until the flashback ends. Note that when a flashback begins, Daniel will hear whispers just before the actual flashback happens. Do not be alarmed. This will always happen when a flashback occurs.

Whenever a flashback ends petals from the Damascus rose used in the Amnesia Drink fall all around Daniel. There is only one exception to this. When Daniel recalls first finding his Orb in the Algerian tomb, sparkles of blue light radiate and shimmer all around him when he regains his senses.

Though some flashbacks help the player move forward in the game by providing hints/clues about certain puzzles, most are mainly for the story element of the game.

Inner SanctumEdit

(Triggered when Daniel first entering the Entrance Hall )

Daniel: "Alexander, is it inside the castle?"

Alexander: "In a manner of speaking. Come, bring the lamp. You've been to the refinery have you not?"

Daniel: "I don't believe I have. Is it connected to the... what did you call it?"

Alexander: "The inner sanctum - my most precious chamber, Daniel. And it lies well beyond the refinery. In fact... it lies beneath the very stone of Brennenburg."


(Triggered when Daniel approaches the centre of the small Laboratory )

Alexander: "Hmmm... There should be more Cuprite. Let me see, let me see... And one part Aqua Fortis."

Castle InfrastructureEdit

(Triggered if Daniel inspects the floor plans room in the Archives )

Alexander: "Much of the castle is old and hasn't been tended to for centuries. When the shadow arrives, it won't take long until things start falling apart."

Daniel: "We are just buying time anyway. Let's do what we can".

Alexander: "There isn't much to be done about the wards. We should reinforce weak structures. The ground will tremble and there is a risk everything will cave in on us - especially downstairs. Here... here... and there. Let's get the servants working on it."

Book PuzzleEdit

(Triggered once Daniel make his way into the local history room)

[clicking starts]

Alexander: "You have to be swift - when you activate the first one... [clicking stops] You hear that? If it stops, you'll have to start over."

Daniel: "Isn't all this a bit... excessive?"

Alexander: "You can never be too careful, Daniel"

Wine CellarEdit

(Occurs when Daniel enters the Wine Cellar)

Servant #1: "Where did the baron go?"

Servant #2: "Who cares? He left us enough wine to last us a lifetime. Or at least [burp] until tomorrow!"


Last DrinkEdit

(Triggered when Daniel enters the room in the Wine Cellar which is filled with scattered flesh)

Servant #1: "What's happening? Oh! It feels... like... my chest is going... to burst!"

Servant #2: "My God, Wilhelm, do something!"

Wilhelm: "Accept it. We're not getting out of here alive."

Servant #2: "How can you say that? Alexander, you piece of shit, let us out of here!" [coughs]


(Occurs as Daniel walks into the Refinery )

Daniel: “It sure is dark in here.”

Alexander: “Yes, and there is a good reason for it. But you can light the lamp now if you wish.”

Daniel: “What’s the reason? For the darkness, that is”

Alexander: “Stay close – be careful not to stray.”

Daniel: “What’s the reason? Why is it so dark?”

Alexander: “Pay attention, Daniel. It’s important that you keep going straight and make sure not to stray.”

Missing JournalEdit

(Occurs as you enter the Guest Room )

Daniel: “My journal is gone. What would they want with my journal?”


(Occurs as you examine the bed in the Guest Room)

Alexander: "Daniel?"

Daniel: [gasp] "What?"

Alexander: "Still having nightmares, I see."

Daniel: "Yes, I can't shake them. They come every night."

Alexander: "We'll put a stop to them. You'll see."

Missing Key Edit

(Occurs after you break open the closet door with the crowbar in the Guest Room)

Daniel: “The key! Please, let it be here.”

Key DiscoveryEdit

(Occurs when you find the key behind the painting in the Guest Room)

Daniel: “Oh, thank God, there it is. Huh, I guess it is a good place to hide it then.”

Animal VitaeEdit

(Occurs when you enter the room with the dead dogs in the Study )

Alexander: “Let’s see what you have to offer. [dog whimpering; Alexander grunting as he saws] Ugh… what a mess. I should have sharpened the saw. But I can sense it. It’s definitely there.”

Desert SuppliesEdit

(Occurs when you re-enter the Back Hall after being in the Storage)

Herbert: “Don’t forget your bag, Daniel.”

Daniel: “I won’t, Herbert.”

Herbert: “There is no shame in using a parasol in the desert. As it happens, it’s imperative to your survival.”

Daniel: “But it looks ridiculous.”

Herbert: “The shame will hurt much less than dying, I assure you.”


(Occurs when you enter the room with the Elevator in the Back Hall)

Daniel: “You have an ascending room! Will it take us to the inner sanctum?”

Alexander: “It will definitely take care of the vertical part of our journey. So, you have ridden an elevator before?”

Daniel: “Yes, the Colosseum at Regent’s Park has one. It takes you to the gallery where you can view the panorama.”

Alexander: [chains clinking] “Good. This ride might be a little longer – and in the other direction.” [pulls lever; elevator rumbling]

Female Prisoner: PreparationEdit

(Occurs while walking towards the blocked off path in the Storage)

Prisoner: “Please, let me go. I won’t tell anyone, I swear. I just want to go home… No! Get away from me! Leave me alone!”

Female Prisoner: RouteEdit

(Occurs while further advancing into the Storage)

Prisoner: “Why are you doing this!? Get away from me.”

Female Prisoner: DeathEdit

(Occurs just before you enter the final room in the storage)

Prisoner: “Oh god, no! Please, I beg you!” [grunts while being repeatedly stabbed]


(Occurs when you first enter the prison )

Alexander: “Come – this way.”

[prisoner screams]

Daniel: “What was that”?

Alexander: “Forgive me. I should have warned you. One of my responsibilities as a baron is that of a prison warden. This is where criminals are locked up.”

Daniel: “Like a dungeon?”

Alexander: “Very much so. Come – don’t linger.”

Escape PlotEdit

(Occurs when you enter the cell with the hole in the floor in the southern prison area )

Daughter: “But mother, I don’t want to leave without you.”

Mother: “Hurry child – you must go. Find Gabriel the outrider and tell him to alert the king’s men.”

Daughter: “No, you come too!”

Mother: “Please, we don’t have time to make the hole any wider!”

Daughter: “But…”


Mother: “Someone is coming. Hurry! I’ll cover the hole with the bed. Everything will be fine – I promise.”

Plot DiscoveredEdit

(Occurs when you enter the room where you find the chipper in the southern prison area)

Daniel: “Where is she!? Where did she go!?”

Mother: [sobbing] “No, I won’t tell. I’ll never tell you!”

Daniel: “You are just making things worse. Look - this is no place for a young girl all by herself. She could be hurt or worse. There is no telling what horrors await down there.”

An Unjust FateEdit

(When entering a cell in the northern prison area )

Prisoner: “Hey! Anybody, help! Christ – I don’t believe this. Why… I mean why? What did I do to deserve this? I mean, it can’t be… Do I deserve this? It wasn’t my fault! Why did he have to go in there? You don’t go into burning houses. He should have known better.”


(Triggered while walking through a hallway in the northern prison area)

Daniel: “Hey you! Stop!”

Daughter: “Don’t come any closer! I just want to leave.”

Daniel: “You can’t go outside! It’s too dangerous!”

Daughter: “I’m telling Gabriel.”

Daniel: “I doubt that very much.”


(Triggered when you first enter the Cistern Entrance )

Daniel: “So you use the drain sewers as a means of transport?”

Alexander: “Yes - they were built to divert water from an underground spring and are quite spacious. It seemed only natural to incorporate it into the overall structure.”

Daniel: “But we won’t be using it.”

Alexander: “Not today. The flow is seasonal and when the spring runs dry, the damp tunnels produce a rather poisonous type of fungi. There is an antidote of course - but we won’t be bothering with it today. Come, this way instead. We’re almost there.”

Missing CompanionEdit

(Triggered when entering the Control Room )

Daniel: “Herbert, how did we find this place?”

Herbert: “An old friend back in Algiers gave me a map.”

Daniel: “Why isn’t he with us? Didn’t he want to come?”

Herbert: “He wanted to Daniel. But things don’t always turn out the way we plan.”


(Triggered when you enter the Cistern )

Daniel: “You are conserving water from the spring.”

Alexander: “Yes, it enables me to control the water in the drain sewers to some extent. Also, it can be used for all sorts of purposes.”

Daniel: “Like for drinking.”

Alexander: “Well, that too. But mostly to run different machines.”

Daniel: “Ahh… like watermills.”

Alexander: “Exactly.”


(Triggered when you enter the Morgue )

Alexander: “Do you see Daniel? It has yielded.”

Daniel: “What?”

Alexander: “The shadow.”

Daniel: “It has?”

Alexander: “For now. Come; let’s get this out of here so we can get some peace.”

Daniel: “Yes, lets. Where to?”

Alexander: “Just down the corridor. To the morgue.”

Daniel: “Are there more – dead men there?”

Alexander: “You did well, Daniel. Come, let’s get going.”


(Triggered when you enter the room in the Morgue where you find the metal tube)

Prisoner: “What? What happened? Why are all these dead…? Where am I? What’s happening? Help! Anybody help!”


(Triggered if you stay in the room mentioned above for a little while)

Prisoner: “Two... three days now. This is ridiculous. Why doesn’t someone come to this room!? Hey! Anybody! Am I all alone here? Help! Help! I’m so tired… If I sleep – will I wake from this nightmare? If not, I pray my heavenly Father will take me in my sleep.”


(Triggered after you've entered the Sewer)

Prisoner: “What’s happening? What are you doing? Let me go! Please don’t take me – nobody ever returns!”


(Triggered after walking down the stairs in the Nave )

Alexander: “Agrippa? I need you to stay awake. Can you feel the syringe?”

Agrippa: “No, I can’t feel anything. Alexander?”

Alexander: “Yes?”

Agrippa: “Soon, I won’t even be able to move, will I?”

Alexander: “Your life is safe.”

Agrippa: “I don’t doubt that - but will it be worth living?”

Torture MethodsEdit

(Triggered when you re-enter the Nave from the Chancel)

Alexander: “These cells are meant to hold prisoners who are under treatment. The people you send for will end up here. Remember that the confinement itself works as a preamble to the torture and you should pace yourself. Don’t take anyone before they are ready.”

Daniel: “Understood.”

Alexander: “Sounds from the torture chambers are shuffled in through those pipes in the ceiling. Manage your victims well and let one prisoner’s pain instil terror in his cellmate."


(Triggered when you enter one of the small cells in the Nave)

Prisoner: "I know this. I’ve been here already. I know this taste – the taste of Damascus Rose obfuscating the truth in a dim haze. They may sweep the traces from my memory, but my body remembers. These cuts speak volumes, even though my mind remains silent. They will be back. Oh, they will be back."


(Triggered once you enter the Transept )

Prisoner: “How much more, Baron? How much more am I supposed to withstand? Kill me already! Kill me!

Alexander: “This one, prepare him.”

Arsonist: PreparationEdit

(Occurs whilst walking towards one of the torture rooms in the Transept)

Prisoner: “Let me go, you brute!” [grunts]

Daniel: “The Cradle is ready.”

Alexander: “Good.”

Prisoner: “You? You're a man… How can you partake in this!?”

Daniel: “Is he alright?”

Alexander: “He is one of the wicked. Don’t pay his lies any attention.”

Prisoner: “I’m not a bad man. It was an accident…”

Alexander: “He set a man on fire.”

Prisoner: “It wasn’t my fault! Why won’t anyone listen!?”

Daniel: “That’s horrible.”

Alexander: “Of course – we are dealing with monsters here.”

Arsonist: Final MomentsEdit

(Occurs while entering a torture room in the Transept)

Prisoner: “No, no please! I’ll do anything! Whatever you want! [sobbing] Anything! I’ll do anything! I’m innocent!”


(Triggered when you enter the room with the Torture Wheel in the Choir )

Alexander: “The wheel is good for keeping your victim still during the procedure. They can be bound around the circumference or simply stretched across, tying limbs to the spokes and rim. All tools are, by this point, useful and you may administer the torture in any way you like. But the forte of the wheel is the gaps. When you have decided that the victim shall die, you can smash their limbs with a hammer, making them fold in between the frame.”

Daniel: “But they’ll die – too quickly, I mean.”

Alexander: “No, don’t worry. The human body is much more resilient. They can survive for days until they finally succumb.”


(Occurs in the Chancel)

Alexander: “Just a little further.”

Daniel: “It’s like Orpheus descending into the underworld!”

Alexander: “Are you hiding something?”

Daniel: “What do you mean?”

Alexander: “Never mind. Your intuition is – remarkable.”

Daniel: “I’m not sure I’m following.”

Alexander: “It doesn’t matter. It’s just a myth after all.”

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