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Flashbacks are a gameplay feature found in Amnesia: Rebirth. They are experienced by the protagonist Tasi Trianon at various points throughout Amnesia: Rebirth

The Cassandra[]

These are all the flashbacks from The Cassandra.

Microflash: Fight it[]

In the crashed plane, while Tasi is struggling.

[Past Tasi telling herself not to turn into the ghoul. These are memories that Tasi is hearing in her head.]
Tasi (memory)
(Exhausted, struggling)
«Fight it, fight it, don't give in!»
Tasi (memory)
(Exhausted, struggling)
«You can make it.»
Tasi (memory)
(Exhausted, struggling)
«Don't forget. Don't lose yourself.»
Tasi (memory)
(Exhausted, struggling)
«You are strong. You are Tasi. Come on.»
Tasi (memory)
(Exhausted, struggling)
«You will reach him.»

Memory: Take the Medicine[]

In the crashed plane, during the cutscene.

[The doctor offers Tasi help, knowing she's been cursed by the ghoul.]
Doctor Metzier (memory)
(ashamed, offering some grudging comfort)
«I... I have laudanum. It will help.»
Doctor Metzier (memory)
(stark warning)
«But you must try to keep calm, or it will get worse.»
«Do not allow yourself anger, do not allow yourself to fear.»
Doctor Metzier (memory)
(trying to get through to her)
«Do you understand me, Tasi?»

Microflash: The Crash[]

After stepping out of the plane and walking around it. It is split into seven separate smaller flashbacks.

[MEMORY: These memory lines play out at random spots as Tasi examines the crash site. These are all snapshot moments of memory from the crash – not connected.]
Fairchild (memory)
«Help! For god's sake, help me!»
[Context: He is stuck in his seat – he is not actually wounded but is panicking.]
Yasmin (memory)
[Context: Masson is lying dead – she is crying over his body]
Malick (memory)
«It's alright, my friend, we'll get you out...»
[Context: Helping Lukas from the wreck, who is badly injured]
Mitchell (memory)
«Leon, Jonathan, give us a hand here!»
[Context: Calling two others to help move smashed wreckage off their comrade]
Tasi (memory)
«No, no... Rachael...»
[Context: Over a friend's dead body]
Doctor Metzier (memory)
«In my case! Left side – bandages. Quickly!»
[Context: Orders to someone else as he tries to stop a casualty bleeding]
Leon (memory)
«Oh Christ and his little angels, we are fucked here.»
[Context: Standing in the wreckage]

Hank's Notes: Masson[]

When picking up Hank's note on Nicolas Masson.

Hank (memory)
So you met our pilot, did you? Thinks a lot of himself, don't he?
Ah, it'd annoy me more, but he IS good, so what can you do?

Memory: Going to Caves[]

Memory. Near some suitcases on the ground heading towards the caves.

[Tasi stops Hank as they are starting to head from the plane wreck to the caves.]
Tasi (memory)
«Wait... Hank.»
Hank (memory)
«We've no choice. We need to get them to shelter.»
Tasi (memory)
«I know. It's Salim... he's hurt. You know what he's like.»
Hank (memory)
«Let's get him down there, then you and I can sit on him while the doc takes a look.»
«Don't worry. The caves aren't far.»

Memory: Kel Hanan Stash[]

Memory. When taking the lid off of a stone container that can be found relatively near to the entrance to the caves.

[The crew find a tribal stash in the desert.]
Yasmin (memory)
«But it's good! Isn't it? People have been here!»
Leon (memory)
«So we'll be shot or sold instead of dying of thirst, hey girly?»
Tasi (memory)
Leon (memory)
«What? No point getting her hopes up. We're in the shit.»

Hank's Notes: Rachael[]

When picking up Hank's note on Rachael Holt.

Hank (memory)
Rachael? She organised those lectures in London – and, uh, Charlie back at the Institute recommended her.
Got a good head on her. I like her.
No, don't you give me that look.

The Caves[]

These are all the flashbacks from The Caves.

Microflash: Intro[]

Right after entering the caves.

[MEMORY: Salim is wounded, and is being helped through the cave by Tasi, and he's trying to pretend he doesn't need help.]
Salim (memory)
«It's all right – I can manage!»
Tasi (memory)
(holding him up)
«Come on; not far now.»

Hank's Notes: Tasi[]

When picking up Hank's note on Tasi Trianon.

Hank (memory)
Hey... I promise I won't bring this up again, but... I know this won't be easy on you.
First time out again, you know?
So... if you want a break, want to get away from people, any of that – just say. Whatever you need.

Memory: Salim's Declaration[]

Memory. When picking up the photograph of Tasi and Salim near the fireplace.

[Salim and Tasi in a hotel in Algeria four years ago. Salim finally getting around to saying what he feels.]
Tasi (memory)
«What is it?»
Salim (memory)
[Context: (runs out of words, realising ruefully that he’s being silly)]
Salim (memory)
«I had something to say to you. A whole speech. Something poetic. But... »
Tasi (memory)
«You don't need to say anything.»
Salim (memory)
«I know... it's just... I never thought this would happen. Any of this. You, and... me. I would never- [have imagined...]»
Tasi (memory)
«Salim... there is no-one I would rather spend my time with.»
Salim (memory)
(tentative, needs reassurance)
Tasi (memory)
«Really. Stop worrying. I'm in love with you, you idiot.»
Salim (memory)
(after a pause)
«You are my heart, Tasi Trianon.»
Tasi (memory)
«*laughs* I said no poetry!»

Memory: Stitching Salim's Wound[]

Memory. When examining the bedding near the fireplace.

[The Doctor is stitching up Salim's wound while Tasi holds him.]
Doctor Metzier (memory)
«Hold him more tightly, or the stitching will tear!»
Salim (memory)
((in pain, trying hard))
«I... I am sorry. I will be still.»
Tasi (memory)
((over Salim’s agony))
«Salim... I have you, I have you.»

Memory: Sterling and Fairchild[]

Memory. When picking up the photograph of Sterling and Fairchild in the adjoining room with the bedding.

Richard (memory)
«But I can't, I won't stay here... there's something in the tunnels, I swear it.»
Sterling (memory)
«You won't be staying. You'll be with us – and I'll take care of you. Come here.»
Richard (memory)

Memory: Yasmin and Tasi[]

Memory. When picking up Yasmin's passport in the next room over.

[Hotel in Algiers: Tasi is looking at a picture of her dead daughter Alys when Yasmin sees it.]
Yasmin (memory)
«What a beautiful girl – is that your daughter?»
[Context: (looking at Tasi’s sketch)]
Tasi (memory)
[Context: (was, not is)]
Yasmin (memory)
((trying to make friends))
«My father keeps nagging me for grandchildren!»
«Did you leave her in Paris?»
Tasi (memory)
[Context: (the girl is dead)]
Yasmin (memory)
«Is she with her grand-[parents?]»
Hank (memory)
((interrupting for Tasi's sake))
«Yasmin, I'd like to check the Sadiola samples are packed up. Gimme a hand?»
Yasmin (memory)
(wanting to please)
«Of course, Mr Mitchell... sorry... Hank!»
[Context: Giving his formal name then remembering he's asked her to be informal]

Hank's Notes: Eva[]

When picking up Hank's note on Eva Ritter.

Hank (memory)
I seem to spend my life around efficient women who think I'm not taking things seriously enough...

Hank's Notes: Lukas[]

When picking up Hank's note on Lukas Ritter.

Hank (memory)
Yeah, we had a drink. He's okay – just a bit quiet cos his English ain't great.
Absolutely head over heels for his wife, cold fish that she is.

Memory: Leaving Salim[]

Memory. Right after entering and exiting a rift for the first time.

[Tasi and Hank Mitchell are having a quiet conversation a bit away from the others, as they walk.]
Hank (memory)
«Hey. How're you doing?»
Tasi (memory)
«Christ's name – how could I leave him?»
Tasi (memory)
(forestalling response; anger and despair)
«I know, I know it makes sense, everything he said, but, but it's such stupid, fucking, self-sacrificing bullshit...»
Hank (memory)
«Listen – I know Salim. And I know you. I know what you're capable of.»
«He'll make it. And you'll get back to him, even if all hell stands in your way.»
Tasi (memory)
(quiet, only for him, despairing)
«I'm so fucking scared, Hank.»
Hank (memory)
(as much comfort as he can, hand around shoulder)
«I know.»

The Dark World[]

These are all the flashbacks from The Dark World.

Microflash: The Tower[]

When looking at Tihana's tower

[Seeing the tower prompts this memory.]
Doctor Metzier (memory)
(awed, disbelieving)
«This is miraculous, truly miraculous.»
[Context: MEMORY – Watching Mitchell's wound sealing up before his eye]
(frustrated at her lack of memory)
That tower... we were there? The doctor... was with me... damnit, I can't remember!

The Room[]

These are all the flashbacks from The Room.

Microflash: The Pool[]

When examining a framed photograph on the wall.

[Tasi and Salim are sunbathing by a Paris outdoor swimming pool. Salim is lying back in the sun; Tasi is standing in the water near him.]
Salim (memory)
(mock protest)
[Context: Tasi splashes him]
Tasi (memory)

Microflash: The Cot[]

When examining the crib.

[Salim and Tasi are deciding where to put the cot.]
Salim (memory)
«By the window? She'll get cold.»
Tasi (memory)
«It's not cold! This is normal for Paris!»
Salim (memory)
«All right, I'LL get cold.»
Tasi (memory)

Microflash: Drawing Board[]

When examining the draftboard.

[Tasi is working on an intricate architectural drawing.]
Salim (memory)
(*putting head round door*)
«Food is ready. Oh... can I see?»
Tasi (memory)
«It's not finished.»
Salim (memory)
(*studying pic, semi-serious*)
«Mmm. It's terrible.»
Salim (memory)
(*cracking up*)
«Absolutely terrible.»
Tasi (memory)
(*throwing something at him in mock anger*)
«Get out of here!»
Salim (memory)
(*laughter, as he retreats*)

Microflash: Football[]

When examining the ball.

[A local game of football – Salim is playing. A whistle blows to indicate a break in the game. Salim is breathing heavily, coming off-pitch, near to the listener.]
Salim (memory)
*«tired sounds»*
Tasi (memory)
«Only one down – you can do this!»
Salim (memory)
(*exhausted, has a quick drink of water*)
Salim (memory)
(*with laughter*)
«Yeah, maybe! And what do I get if I win?»

Microflash: Wedding Photo[]

When examining a framed photograph standing on a shelf.

[Tasi and Salim are exchanging rings in a rather impromptu ceremony.]
Tasi (memory)
«I don't care about the paperwork. This is as official as I need it to be. I love you, Salim. Put the damn ring on.»
Salim (memory)
«*laughs* Oh, my heart. I will 'put the damn ring on'. And you will wear mine.»

Microflash: Compass[]

When examining the compass.

[Tasi and Salim are examining Victor's compass]
Tasi (memory)
«I was sixteen, I think... and I must have driven him crazy.»
«But no curfew, no locked doors. Just this compass.»
«He said it was so I would always find my way home.»
Salim (memory)
«I wish I'd known him better.»
Tasi (memory)
«Oh, so do I!»

The Deeper Caves[]

These are all the flashbacks from The Deeper Caves.

Memory: The Doll[]

Memory. When finding Makka.

[Tasi and Salim in their apartment a few months ago.]
Salim (memory)
((sad, gently remonstrative))
«Hayati... we said we would put him away...»
[Context: He thought they were trying to move on from Alys.]
Salim (memory)
((alert, realisation))
«What's wrong?»
Tasi (memory)
((suppressing tears))
«Poor monkey... we should clean him, stitch him up. He is so tattered.»
Salim (memory)
«Oh my heart, what is it?»
Tasi (memory)
((mixed emotions))
«Alys... Alys will have a sister...»
Tasi (memory)
((then it bursts out, agony and happiness))
«I'm pregnant.»

Hank's Notes: Salim[]

When picking up Hank's note on Salim Hannachi.

Hank (memory)
So Salim's the one, huh? Hey, don't look at me like that – I get it, I really do.
Just surprised it took you so long to realise it!

The Desert Path[]

These are all the flashbacks from The Desert Path.

Memory: Tin Hinan Shrine[]

Memory. When examining a small shrine to Tin Hinan.

[The crew are examining a shrine.]
Sterling (memory)
«Malick – do you know her? The statue?»
Malick (memory)
«I am from Sudan, Mr Sterling. This is Algeria.»
[Context: stupid English people!]
Yasmin (memory)
«It might be Tin Hinan... the mother of the Tuareg?»
«It's a strange style though.»

Memory: The Outpost Gate[]

Memory. When examining the outpost gate.

[The group talk as they come to the gate to the outpost.]
Jonathan (memory)
(A bit scared of the place)
«It's not the friendliest of places...»
Sterling (memory)
«Count your lucky stars, old chap! We could have come down in the middle of nowhere.»
Hank (memory)
(from a bit further forward in the group)
«Don't worry, Jonathan. Supplies, water, a map – there'll be something, even if there's no-one home.»
Leon (memory)
(from behind in the group)
«Locals will have gutted the place. Bet you.»

Hank's Notes: Webber[]

When picking up Hank's note on Jonathan Webber.

Hank (memory)
Ah, Jonathan's great. First time out in the world, and everything's a wonder.
It's like having a kid along- ah geez. Sorry, Tasi.

Memory: The Sign[]

Memory. When examining the sign at the fortress entrance.

[Mitchell leads the group ahead while the others wait next to the sign.]
Hank (memory)
(from a distance away)
«Malick, Leon... let's take a look ahead?»
«Rest of you, hold tight here. Won't be long.»
Richard (memory)
«Tasi, what's the sign say? My French is piss-poor.»
Tasi (memory)
(amused, keeping it to herself)
«Just, um... just that they were a long way from home.»
[Context: Sign reads "Welcome to the End of the World"]

The Fortress Courtyard[]

These are all the flashbacks from The Fortress Courtyard.

Microflash: Door[]

When examining the big gate before having finished the "The Fortress" level.

[MEMORY: This is part of the bigger memory Memory_Door_PostLQ]
Fairchild (memory)
«It's coming! It's coming!»
Hank (memory)
«Through the gate, come on, move it!»

Microflash: Explore Fort[]

Plays while exploring the courtyard. It is split into five separate smaller flashbacks.

[MEMORIES: A selection of random lines to be played as Tasi explores the courtyard.]
Webber (memory)
«Crikey, look at the size of this place!»
«There must be some means of communication.»
«Look, see, a windmill – I think it is a generator!»
Leon (memory)
(Wary, grim)
«Locals here got uppity. Viva la bloody revolution, eh?»
Sterling (memory)
(From a distance)
«Over here – I think this is a water pump?»
[Context: Sterling has found the pump]
Hank (memory)
(Serious, wary)
«Let's take a look in that building, on the left there.»
«Malik [sic], you and me up front?»

Hank's Notes: Malick[]

When picking up Hank's note on Malick Tamboura.

Hank (memory)
You remember Marrakesh, where Malick got into that argument with your dad about the mules?
He was so furious. But all he did was stand there and say "It's your decision, Mr Victor". Never even raised his voice.
Well – I think he's getting close to that with De Vries. Positively sarcastic.

Memory: The Door (Post-LQ)[]

Memory. Triggered by going through the archway leading from the quartermaster's entrance to the fortress. Only shows up after being chased out of the fortress by the ghoul.

[The ghoul is charging at the group from the Living Quarters. Mitchell decides to open the door and commit them to leaving the fort. Malick defends them until the last minute.]
Richard (memory)
(just witnessed Webber’s death; panic and tears)
«Shit shit shit shit!»
Tasi (memory)
(desperate concern)
«Hank, your leg-»
[Context: There's blood pouring out of Mitchell's wound]
Hank (memory)
(pain, effort)
«I can make it. Get them through!»
[Context: He's badly wounded.]
Richard (memory)
«It's coming! It's coming!»
[Context: Can see the ghoul emerging from the main building.]
Hank (memory)
(Close the gate!)
«Through the gate, come on, move it!»
[Context: Sound of SHOTS from Malick.]
Tasi (memory)
[Context: The ghoul's getting very close to Malick.]
Hank (memory)
(desperate, wounded)
«Malick, goddamn it, get over here!»
[Context: Another SHOT.]
Malick (memory)
(out of breath, just through the gate)
[Context: The gate SLAMS.]

The Fortress[]

These are all the flashbacks from The Fortress.

Microflash: Dead Soldier[]

When approaching the dead body in the hallway.

[MEMORY: Malick and Sterling find the body of a French soldier]
Sterling (memory)
«French trooper, I suppose. Trouble with the locals?»
[Context: Leon already raised this theory]
Malick (memory)
«Could be. Bite marks too, see?»
«Hyena, maybe, but damn big one – didn't finish its meal.»

Hank's Notes: Doctor[]

When picking up Hank's note on Dr. Anton Metzier.

Hank (memory)
Oh, the doc? Yeah, he seems okay.
Between you and me, I think he's a drinker.
Maybe they sent him out here to dry out.

Memory: Saw a Ghoul[]

Memory. When examining the bed in the upstairs room with the French flag.

[The group has recovered from its shock; the doctor has sat Yasmin down and is trying to figure out what they all saw.]
Doctor Metzier (memory)
«But what was it? What did you see? Miss Trianon?»
[Context: Doctor starts by asking Yasmin. The 'Miss Trianon' here is an appeal to Tasi.]
Tasi (memory)
(deeply worried)
«I, uh... I don't know.»
Sterling (memory)
(trying to pass it off)
«It was just a shadow.»
Doctor Metzier (memory)
Yasmin (memory)
«A ghûl. It was a ghûl.»

Microflash: Suicide[]

When examining the bodies of the dead soldiers in the room with the cannons.

[MEMORY: Some of the group are exploring the room with the cannons, looking at the bodies.]
Sterling (memory)
«These poor bastards didn't die fighting. Look at this chap here. Suicide.»
Fairchild (memory)
«Why? Why would they do that? Look, what's this – they drew straws.»

Hank's Notes: Yasmin[]

When picking up Hank's note on Yasmin Chabani.

Hank (memory)
Yasmin? She's already figured out how to manage Sterling, Fairchild, even De Vries.
Has a real way with smiling and pretending she gives a damn.
I like her.

Memory: Webb's Death[]

Memory. When heading up the stairs to the quartermaster's storage.

[The group explore the room and Webber and Mitchell are attacked.]
Jonathan (memory)
«Look at this lot! There's bound to be something useful!»
[Context: Starting to sort through the room]
Richard (memory)
(Had enough)
«Oh, can't we just get out of here? This place gives me the creeps.»
Sterling (memory)
«They're dead and gone. Can't hurt you now.»
Hank (memory)
(Fear / pain / desperate)
«Aaaah! Jesus!»
«Jonathan – look out!»
[Context: Ghoul suddenly lashes out of the shadows, clawing him – he stumbles back. It goes for Webber]
Hank (memory)
(Hurt, desperate)
«The door, get to the door! Everyone!»
[Context: Decides Webber is a lost cause]
Sterling (memory)
«What do we... what do we do-»
[Context: Vacillating, staring, desperate to help Webber]
Tasi (memory)
(Do it now!)
Hank (memory)
(Hurt, frantic)
«The keys! Lock the damn door!»

The Oasis[]

These are all the flashbacks from The Oasis.

Microflash: Mitchell's Wound[]

When entering the oasis.

[MEMORY: A quiet discussion between Tasi and the Doctor.]
Tasi (memory)
«Hank... stay with me, Hank...»
[Context: Mitchell's wound is grave]
Doctor Metzier (memory)
«It is not good, Miss Trianon. Not at all. We may reach help, but he will not.»
Tasi (memory)
(failing to hold in a sob)
[Context: Her best friend is dying.]

Microflash: Oasis Edge[]

When going into the water.

[MEMORY: Lines from the party as Tasi gets to the point where they entered the Oasis.]
Fairchild (memory)
«Christ, this feels good.»
[Context: Standing barefoot in the water.]
Tasi (memory)
(To the whole group)
«Don't drink too much. And fill up the flasks, bottles – whatever you have.»
[Context: Has taken over for the wounded Mitchell.]

Microflash: Pilgrim Trail[]

When exploring the oasis.

[Tasi takes Yasmin aside.]
Tasi (memory)
«Yasmin, wait... the thing in the fort. A ghoul, you said... what was it?»
Yasmin (memory)
«I... I don't know. It's just a story...»
Yasmin (memory)
«It's said they haunted graves and dead places, and they ate human flesh. Demons that were driven out of paradise.»

Memory: Oasis Shrine[]

Memory. When examining the Tin Hinan shrine with Tasi's note on it.

[The group are confronted by the glowing figure of a woman, who's struggling to talk to them.]
Tihana (memory)
(struggling to get the words through; takes effort)
Sterling (memory)
(No breath left)
«Christ almighty...»
Hank (memory)
(Injured, struggling)
«Don't go near it! Tasi!»
Tihana (memory)
(struggling to get the words through; takes effort)
Tasi (memory)
«I think... I think she's trying to help us?»
Richard (memory)
(Sotto voce, freaked)
«Oh my god oh my god oh my god...»
Leon (memory)
«No god. It's a fucking devil, is what it is.»

Hank's Notes: Fairchild[]

When picking up Hank's note on Richard Fairchild.

Hank (memory)
Oh, the secretary? Poor guy. You ever see anyone so out of his depth?
I mean, obvious why he's here – no way was he gonna let Sterling out of his sight – but heck, bet he's regretting it now.

Hank's Notes: Sterling[]

When picking up Hank's note on Alex Sterling.

Hank (memory)
I'll admit, he fits in better than I expected.
These guys, though, Tasi – they bleed money. Know what I mean?
It gives them this crazy confidence, like the world has to do what they tell it to.

The Portal Chamber[]

These are all the flashbacks from The Portal Chamber.

Memory: Fairchild Walks Away[]

Memory. When examining Richard' flask in the hallway leading to the Hunting Grounds.

[Fairchild won't follow Tasi into the rift. Sterling follows him.]
Richard (memory)
«I don't care! Following her is insane!»
Richard (memory)
«I won't. I won't!»
Sterling (memory)
«Richard, come back! Richard!»

The Chamber of Pillars[]

These are all the flashbacks from The Chamber of Pillars.

Hank's Notes: Leon[]

When picking up Hank's note on Leon De Vries.

Hank (memory)
Yeah, well, Leon... a real ray of sunshine, huh?

The Hunting Grounds[]

These are all the flashbacks from The Hunting Grounds.

Memory: Sterling[]

Memory. When examining Alex Sterling's body.

[Sterling turns to say something to Tasi before going after Fairchild.]
Sterling (memory)
«Go! Follow her. Save Hank. I'm going after Richard.»
Sterling (memory)
«Best of luck, Tasi.»

Memory: Leon[]

Memory. After having escaped from Leon and exited the maze.

[Tasi has asked Leon about his lions-claw pendant.]
Leon (memory)
(jovial, show-off)
«This? Oh – it used to belong to my father.»
«He always said it brought him good luck. I think it's done pretty well for me so far, eh?»
Leon (memory)
(slick-back hair, charming)
«You're Anastasie, right? I'm Leon De Vries. I'm planning this dig for Mitchell.»
Tasi (memory)
(being pleasant)
«Tasi. And this is Salim. My husband.»
Leon (memory)
«Right. I see.»
[Context: A black man? Come on.]

Memory: Hank About Leon[]

Memory. After being grabbed by Leon and finally escaping him for good.

[Tasi is talking to the wounded Hank Mitchell as he rests in the Oasis.]
Tasi (memory)
(eye-roll, chiding)
«Leon thinks we should leave you.»
Hank (memory)
(tired, bleeding.)
«Leon is right.»
«I'm just slowing you down.»
Tasi (memory)
(Frustrated, angry, over worry.)
«What did I say about self-sacrificial bullshit?»
«We're not going to give him the satisfaction. You hear me?»
Hank (memory)
(Effort, slight chuckle.)
*sigh* «I hear you.»
[Context: Getting up.]

The Theater[]

These are all the flashbacks from The Theater.

Memory: Yasmin in the Tower[]

Memory. When examining a kettle in the room where the Note on the Apostate is found.

Yasmin (memory)
(awed, a bit scared)
«We have come a long way from that coffee in Algiers.»
«This place! Look at it, Tasi.»
[Context: Looking around at a magnificent but also scary alien palace]
Yasmin (memory)
«Under the desert all this time... how?»
[Context: How come nobody knows about this?]
Tasi (memory)
«I don't think we're in the desert at all. You saw that sky...»
[Context: Deeply troubled about the future]
Yasmin (memory)
(trying to make light of it, but failing)
«I was trying not to think about it.»
Yasmin (memory)
((beat beforehand))
«I think you made the right decision. About the baby.»
[Context: Sympathetic – but not quite sure about broaching the subject because Tasi is a bit unapproachable.]

Memory: Child is Ill[]

Memory. After Tasi scans herself with the scanner.

[In the palace, Tin Hinan reveals to Tasi that her child is ill.]
Tihana (memory)
«The child will be born with a sickness. It will waste her to nothing.»
Tasi (memory)
(Shock, despair)
Tihana (memory)
«I can help her. I can save her.»

The Apartment[]

These are all the flashbacks from The Apartment.

Microflash: Letter[]

Plays when interacting with the letter on the floor.

[Tasi remembers reading a letter from a Paris doctor.]
Paris doctor (memory)
«...onset in infancy... fever, seizures... degeneration of the nerves... slow development...»
Paris doctor (memory)
«...vomiting... loss of hearing, or of sight... muscles may atrophy... no known treatment...»
Paris doctor (memory)
«...breathing difficulties... within the year... invariably fatal...»

The Mines[]

These are all the flashbacks from The Mines.

Microflash: Chase 1[]

While chasing Anton Metzier through the desert.

Yasmin (memory)
«It's Leon. Is there nothing you can do for him?»
Doctor Metzier (memory)
«He's changing. Like Hank.»
«He may be in control now, but I don't think it will last.»
Doctor Metzier (memory)
«I... I have laudanum. It may help.»

Microflash: Chase 2[]

While chasing Anton Metzier through the desert.

Yasmin (memory)
(realisation, horror)
«The fountain... it was the fountain.»
Doctor Metzier (memory)
«his is our fate. Damn you, Tasi.»
«All for a child that will die with us.»

Microflash: Chase 3[]

While chasing Anton Metzier through the desert.

Doctor Metzier (memory)
«You're out of your mind!»
«Salim will be dead by now! Accept it!»
Yasmin (memory)
«Don't go, Tasi; we can get help.»
Tasi (memory)
«I can't do this any more. I just want to be with him.»
«I don't care what happens.»

The Tower[]

These are all the flashbacks from The Tower.

Microflash: Entering[]

After the elevator crashes and Tasi's crawling through a duct to escape it.

[MEMORY: A memory of when they came in to this place. The crew are arguing about accepting Tin Hinan's deal.]
Yasmin (memory)
«He will die – what other choice do we have?»
Tasi (memory)
«Hank... stay with me, Hank...»
Doctor Metzier (memory)
(Emphasis on 'all'. Persuasive.)
«Accept her bargain, Tasi. I know it is painful. But this way, we all live – maybe even Salim.»

Hank's Notes: Hank[]

When picking up Hank's note on himself.

Hank (memory)
There are days where I wish it wasn't me, when I wish your dad was still the one carrying the load and all I had to worry about was packing a bag and turning up.
Goddamn, I do miss the old man.

Memory: Negotiations[]

Memory. After escaping the elevator and before entering the large atrium with the fountain.

[In the Undercity, Tasi negotiates with Tin Hinan]
Doctor Metzier (memory)
«You stupid, selfish little girl! Hank will die because of you! We'll all die!»
Hank (memory)
(Very weak)
«Don't listen, Tasi. It's all right.»
Tasi (memory)
«Please... goddess... queen... whatever you are. He's dying...»
Tihana (memory)
«You know my terms, Tasi Trianon. Have you changed your answer?»
Tasi (memory)
(After a beat of indecision.)
«*sobbing* No. No, I can't stay. I can't give her up.»
Tihana (memory)
(Stern but fair.)
«Then I cannot save you.»
Tihana (memory)
(Beat, kinder)
«But I am not a monster. I will give you aid, before you face the desert.»

Memory: Fountain[]

Memory. When approaching the fountain in the atrium.

[Dragging a wounded Mitchell to the fountain.]
Tihana (memory)
«Give him water from the fountain, and he will be well.»
[Context: Looking around this ridiculous ruined palace of a place.]
Tasi (memory)
«Malick, help me, please»
[Context: Struggling with Mitchell's body.]
Malick (memory)
«I have him. Here. Mr Mitchell. Can you her me?»
[Context: Helping Mitchell lie down gently.]
Tasi (memory)
(in tears, desperate)
«Here. Here, Hank. Drink.»
[Context: He's nearly dead]
Hank (memory)
(very weak)
*«coughing and spluttering»*
Doctor Metzier (memory)
«God and the Devil... Look... look! His wound, it is closing!»
[Context: Watching Mitchell's wound knit itself together.]
Tihana (memory)
«Drink. All of you. It will sustain you in the desert.»

Memory: Not Feeling Too Good[]

Memory. While taking the stairs down to the elevator machinery.

[Mitchell is chatting with Tasi after the healing has been done, looking around the palace, but then feels ill...]
Hank (memory)
«What would your old dad have made of this, Tasi? To stand here, to have seen this place! Almost a shame we have to leave.»
Tasi (memory)
«I'm sorry I... I couldn't... not after Alys.»
Hank (memory)
((caring, intimate))
«Hey, hey, I know... I do understand. And so will Salim. We'll find a way- [to get home]agh.»
[Context: Ends broken off with with sudden twitching pain in the head, and shadow on his eye]
Malick (memory)
«Mr Mitchell?»
Hank (memory)
«I... I'm all right. I... can't quite see properly. Something... at the edge of my eyes...»
[Context: Rubbing at his eyes]

Memory: Mitchell Turns[]

Memory. When reaching the bottom floor of the tower.

[As the party are trying to escape the palace, Mitchell turns into a ghoul.]
Hank (memory)
(ghoulish rage building)
[Context: Turning into a monster]
Tasi (memory)
(crying, fear and sorrow)
«Hank! No, no, fuck, no!»
[Context: Best friend is turning into a monster]
Malick (memory)
«Mr Mitchell! Stop! I will shoot!»
[Context: facing a friend, doesn't want to shoot but must]
Hank (memory)
(voice frantic and turning ghoulish)
«Run... run from me, Tasi!»
[Context: trying to stop himself]
Malick (memory)
«Go! Quickly!»
[Context: Fading as Tasi runs]

Microflash: Elevator Ride Waiting[]

While taking the elevator up to the throne room. Incorrectly labelled as 'dialogue' instead of a microflash in the files.

Tihana (memory)
«I can aid your companions. But you must stay. Until the child is born.»
Doctor Metzier (memory)
« life against the rest of us...»
Yasmin (memory)
«...we could save Salim...»
Hank (memory)
((in pain, very weak))
«Tasi? It has to be your choice. It's your life.»
Tasi (memory)
«I can't, Hank. I can't. I lost Alys.»
«I will not give up this child.»

The Throne Room[]

These are all the flashbacks from The Throne Room.

Microflash: Sick Child[]

During the cutscene, while talking with the empress.

Tihana (memory)
«The child will be born with a sickness. It will waste her to nothing.»
Tihana (memory)
«Here, with me, she can live. Here, there is hope.»

Removed flashbacks[]

These flashbacks were removed from the game, but can still be found in the files.

Microflash: Mirage[]

This microflash was supposed to play in The Cassandra (level)

[On the horizon the impossibly tall Tower of Tin Hinan very briefly appears, like a mirage.]
Tihana (memory)
(Insistent, compassionate)
«Here, there is hope...»
[Context: A memory, part of a longer conversation]

Microflash: Medicine[]

This microflash was supposed to play in The Caves

[MEMORY: Microflash to play to prompt Tasi to take medicine.]
Doctor Metzier (memory)
«I... I have laudanum. It will help.«
[Context: The doctor offering Tasi some medicine.]

Microflash: See Ghoul[]

This microflash was supposed to play in The Fortress.

[MEMORY: Tasi spots a shadowy figure behind Yasmin.]
Tasi (memory)
«Yasmin – behind you!»
Sterling (memory)
«Holy hell!»

Microflash: Pipe[]

This microflash was supposed to play in The Tower.

[MEMORY: A memory of them trying to decide whether to accept Tin Hinan's aid.]
Doctor Metzier (memory)
«It's bad. We need to decide quickly...»
Malick (memory)
«We know nothing of this creature!»