This page is about the flashbacks in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. You may be looking for the flashbacks from Amnesia: The Dark Descent. 


Unlike the flashbacks found in The Dark Descent, flashbacks have been modified a bit. The voices are a lot softer in this version and the screen no longer flashes a pure white. The colors are no longer modified, but instead give a distorted point of view, as textures seem to "fade".

The character moves extremely slow while in a flashback, and is unable to run.

Unlike Daniel, who erased all of his memories, Mandus only has flashbacks in events that he has taken place in. Daniel was able to experience "alien memories" due to the Orb's influence.

Oswald Mandus's Flashbacks occur upon entering certain areas during Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. They serve to flesh-out Mandus's mental state prior to his amnesia.



(Triggered upon entering Lily's bedroom.)

Mandus: "I held your hand and watched the blood pool between your legs. You lived long enough to see Edwin, but not Enoch. I will take care of them my love, I promise you this."

This Dawning EpochEdit

(Triggered upon entering the secret passage in the Mansion.)

Mandus: "This dawning Epoch, this age of reason. An empire grown fat, ripe for the bleeding."

A Banquet, In Lily's Honor Edit

(Triggered upon entering the mansion's dining room. There is no dialogue, only sounds. As Mandus enters a woman's scream is heard, along with thuds and a sort of tearing noise. It is implied that the "banquet" was a trap laid for Mandus's wealthy guests, and the guests were killed by The Manpigs.)


(Triggered when Mandus enters the children's bedroom.)

Mandus: "Hands are bleeding, raw. I scrub and scrub but the smell will not lift. How can I hold my children with these hands now? How can I kiss them goodnight with lips that have issued such instruction?"


(Triggered upon moving across the Courtyard in the Mansion.)

Mandus: "I am off to market. I will cry all the way home. I will have none, I will have none at all."

Carrying the WorldEdit

(Triggered when walking past the machinery in the Cellar.)

Mandus: "Bandaged feet and eyes. Small bones in the orchard. I have carried this world on my back, with its legs about me. Damn this wretched soul, I am given birth to nothing but machinery."

A Father Driven by LoveEdit

(Triggers when descending further into the Cellar.)

Mandus: "Hold still, for god's sake hold still child, don't let it get into your eyes! I'm going to rinse it out
now... there. It will be fine, you just need to lie down. Enoch, look to your brother! How many times have I told you not to play in the cellar!"

Children's CuriosityEdit

(Occurs near the Truck in the Alley.)

Child: "Come on, Papa! Lets climb this one. I can see more pictures at the top!"

Taking The Stone Egg HomeEdit

(Triggers when entering the Graveyard near the Church entrance.)

Child: "This way, Papa, come and see! Will it hatch? Can we take it home?"
Mandus: "Yes, my darlings. Of course we can take it home."

A Child's InnocenceEdit

(Triggers in the basement of the Church.)

Child: "Listen, Papa - hold the egg to your ear, you can hear the sea!"

Too BonyEdit

(Triggers in the Courtyard before the Factory.)

Mandus: "Water in his shoes... always the water and the sparks of the embers of the wheels. It's too bony! It's too damn bony!"

The Crate from BrennenburgEdit

(Triggers in the Tunnels.)

Mandus: "Over there, place it in the corner... What? You think I speak Prussian? Do I look like an inbred hog, sir? Who gives a damn what it contains! Just set it down carefully and leave me be!"

Dangerous LiquidEdit

(Triggers in the Tunnels.)

Mandus: "It fell onto his hands and they eroded in front of me, to stumps, to stumps. Next time we will use an equal mix of Infusion Vitae and Orgone Disperser. No, no, just take him out. You can dump him in the river for all I care!"

The SewersEdit

(Triggers upon entry of the Sewers.)

Mandus: "Isn't it dangerous allowing this filthy discharge to collect so close to the core?"
Unknown person: "We can use the flow to drive the turbines, there will always be a torrent of excreta flooding through these tunnels. We can use this to supplement the steam production and ensure constancy."
Mandus: "Dear god, the stench! This faecal matter is the true product of the age."

Downward EverEdit

(Triggers upon climbing a ladder in the Bilge.)

Mandus: "Ahead the trickle to still waters. I dragged myself deeper into the temple, downward ever. Towards a wind that held the voices of my children, beckoning me to set them free."

A PromiseEdit

(Triggers upon entering the Main Control Room in the Reactor before activating the rods.)

Mandus: "I tried. I tried so hard. I will uphold my promise, I will always protect them for you. My eyes are your eyes, my heart is your heart, I will rip them loose from this rotten world and set them to burn, all to save them."


(Triggers upon leaving the elevator in the start of the Engine Rooms.)

Mandus: "And, emerging, I raised my head to an uncaring sun and I cursed this world of pain and despair. This civilization built on the ricketed bones of the unfortunate, on the greed and swell of Mammon and Empire. Cradling a stone egg in my jacket, I kissed my children farewell and I crawled my way home."

A Cleansing FireEdit

(Triggers when near the Pressure Regulation Tanks in the Engine Rooms.)

Mandus: "Will it hurt them?
The Engineer: "A cleansing fire always burns little Mandus, but it purifies and it makes anew. Did it hurt to carve out the fevered flesh? Did it hurt to cut free the gangrenous foot? Ask instead this: Can we save them?"

Show Me These WorthyEdit

(Triggers on the way to the Spark Plug in the Pigline.)

Mandus: "But will they be free?"
The Engineer: "Yes, my friend, drained and bled and freed from the prison of the flesh. Free to ascend as smoke to the stars."
Mandus: "And the good, the worthy. How will we save them?"
The Engineer: "Show me these worthy, Mandus. Show me these good. I do not see them."

Jaguar-faced Man Edit

(Triggers after descending a ladder in the Pigline.)

Mandus: "I am here again, at the foot of those stairs. Towards the red light of the nursery, sunset in the window like a bleeding sky, the horizon a slit throat, the seeping dark to drain a guilt from us. I am the jaguar-faced man, I am the feathered serpent. This priesthood is mine."

We Are The PigEdit

(Triggers in a hallway in the Pigline.)

Professor A: "I can meet him? Your great engineer? How marvellous! I must say, Mr. Mandus, my excitement is almost unseemly!
Mandus: "Yes, I can see that. Step this way, Professor, I will be right behind you."
Professor A: "Mandus? Mandus, where the devil are you? I can't see a damn thing, Mandus!"
(A large slam is heard, suggesting the professor got hit in the back of the head with a piece of wood)
Mandus: "We are the pig, Professor. We are all the pig."

I Will Gather You Edit

(Triggers when awake at the river of blood, which leading to a vast room filled with blood and a elevator in the middle of the room. Which takes the player to the Tesla .)

Mandus: "I climb to the stillness now, blue water runs in my veins now I am clean. I carry the knife of this factory, the bowl of this mill. I am come to collect you from your fields and your furnaces. I will gather you into the white clouds. I will gather you to me and I will take you home."


  • It is unknown if enemies are able to attack Oswald while he is experiencing a flashback. It is impossible to know, as no enemies are encountered in the very few areas with flashbacks in the game.
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