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The flashback is a gameplay feature in the Amnesia series. Flashbacks occur periodically throughout the games, triggered most often by entering or walking through certain areas of the game, though some can be triggered by touching certain objects, such as Diary pages. Once started it is impossible to stop a flashback, and the player must wait for it to end before their view returns to normal.

Flashbacks in The Dark Descent[]

When activated, the screen will flash white, and Daniel will begin to hear voices, most often those of Daniel himself and Alexander, although somehow inexplicably Daniel also experiences 'alien memories' that are not his, such as flashbacks from prisoners, as well as Wilhelm and his men. This is probably the young man's remarkable intuition coupled with the invoked Orb's power that allows him to perceive events before he was even born. During the flashback, the screen will be darker than normal (even if you turn on your lantern, this helps only a little bit, and only in your immediate area). Sources of light glow with a strange hue. Monsters will not see Daniel until flashback ends, so it may be a good idea to find the closest flashback and "hide" in it if you're being chased; furthermore, monsters will walk away right after the flashback starts, its a good time to leave a dead-end area that may get you trapped, like some areas in Prison, don't worry about sanity as it will stay the same until the flashback ends. Note that when a flashback begins, Daniel will hear whispers just before the actual flashback happens. Do not be alarmed. This will always happen when a flashback occurs.

Whenever a flashback ends, petals from the Damascus rose used in the Amnesia potion fall all around Daniel. There is only one exception to this. When Daniel recalls first finding his Orb in the Algerian tomb, sparkles of blue light radiate and shimmer all around him when he regains his senses.

Though some flashbacks help the player move forward in the game by providing hints/clues about certain puzzles, most are mainly for the story element of the game.

Flashbacks in A Machine for Pig[]

Unlike the flashbacks found in The Dark Descent, flashbacks in A Machine for Pigs have been modified a bit. The voices are a lot softer in this version and the screen no longer flashes a pure white. The colors are no longer modified, but instead give a distorted point of view, as textures seem to "fade".

The character moves extremely slow while in a flashback and is unable to run.

Unlike Daniel, who erased all of his memories, Mandus only has flashbacks in events that he has taken place in. Daniel was able to experience "alien memories" due to the Orb's influence.[citation needed]

They occur upon entering certain areas during the game. They serve to flesh-out Mandus's mental state prior to his amnesia.

Flashbacks in Rebirth[]

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  • It is unknown if enemies are able to attack Mandus while he is experiencing a flashback. It is impossible to know, as no enemies are encountered in the very few areas with flashbacks in the game.
  • Amnesia: The Bunker is the first full game in the series to not feature any flashbacks during gameplay whatsoever.