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This is a page containing all quotes for Inspector Felix Marot.

Real-time dialogue[]

This is for all Felix Marot dialogue that takes place in real-time during Amnesia: Justine.


  • "You there, help me, and I'll call on my men to save us from this hellhole."
  • "Hey, can anyone hear me?" – Inspector Marot, bound and face-covered hears Justine enter the flooded chamber outside his holding cell.
  • "What's going on out there? I'm Detective Marot of the Sûreté Nationale and I demand to know what's going on!" – Marot cries out in alarm when he hears Malo smashing down the door outside.
  • "There is no escape! My men will be here any minute now!"
  • "You wont get away with this!"
  • "Who is that? What do you want from me?"
  • "What? Do you think this is funny?!" – Marot cries out when Justine stands idle or abandons him.

Being killed[]

When Justine makes her escape pulling the final lever down behind her, Marot screams as the insane Malo attacks and murders him.

  • "What are you doing, no God! ...argh."

Ending dialogue[]

Spoken if Justine chooses to save Marot, who calls out for release with the other hostages to their "rescuer" from behind the locked door.

  • "Hey, you? We are almost free, come on, get us out of here."