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You there, help me, and I'll call my men to save us from this hellhole.

Inspector Marot

Felix Marot, only known in the game as Inspector Marot, is the third and final hostage encountered in the Cabinet of Perturbation in Amnesia: Justine. He was a French police detective sent to stop Justine, but ended up as another one of her prisoners.

He is voiced by Marc Biagi.[3]


Inspector Felix Marot was a French police inspector in the mid-19th century who was hired by Lucien Racine to help incarcerate Justine Florbelle in order to retrieve his reprobate son Aloïs from her grasp. To prevent this, Justine took him captive and imprisoned him in her Cabinet of Perturbation, she would later use him in her twisted test as one of her hostages.


Early life[]

Almost nothing is known about Felix Marot’s early life, besides the fact that at some point he joined the Sûreté Nationale, rising to be an Inspector. It is unknown if he had a wife or children, as Justine didn’t bother to research him.[4]

Events of Amnesia: Justine[]


In April of 1858, Inspector Marot was contacted by Lucien Racine, a wealthy nobleman who wished to retrieve his wayward son Aloïs Racine from the pernicious influence of Justine Florbelle.[2] Lucien Racine asked Marot to incarcerate her as a hysteric using the false diagnosis of Dr. Victor Fournier.[2] To prevent this, Justine, kidnapped both Marot and Fournier, and later used them as the hostages in the study of her own psyche.[2]

As an experienced policeman and detective, it's possible that Inspector Marot had training on, and was resistant to, torture. Therefore Justine may not have been able to extract any personal information from him directly. However, she was evidently able to discover his purpose, through a letter which revealed the identity of his employer, the identity of their doctor co-conspirator, and their objective to procure evidence of Justine's mental instability and legally incarcerate her. Exactly how Justine obtained the letter is not specified, but Marot may have had it on his person when he was captured and imprisoned.

In a phonograph, Justine commented on how the aristocracy does not need to know right from wrong since they are always right, revealing her contempt for the concerns of society. She evinced irritation at the fact policemen like Marot dare to meddle in her affairs, as they should only stick to “cretins.”[5][6] This may indicate that Inspector Marot was treated with special disdain or even cruelty, as a symbol of an "unworthy" system for commoners impinging on her "worthy" privilege as an aristocrat.

During the game[]

The imprisoned Inspector Marot is found in the Dungeon, where he is chained against a wall, barefoot, shirtless, and with a sack covering his head. Although he cannot see anything, he calls out for help if he hears the amnesiac Justine nearby, promising to get police backup, and angrily asks if she thinks his situation is "funny," should she ignore him.[7][8] In spite of his equal confusion and inability to see anything ongoing, Inspector Marot speaks more commandingly than either of the other two captives, though similarly to, he also resorts to threatening rather than begging, promising Justine that she "won't get away with this!"[9][10]

The small room that Marot is trapped in can be closed using the valve located on the right side of it. If Justine does not close the door to this room in time, the last Suitor, Malo de Vigny, eventually breaks down the last door, then attacks and kills Marot first, giving Justine ample time to escape. During the attack, Marot can be heard crying out in pain.[11] However, if Justine closes the door to this room, Malo will not be able to reach Marot, saving the latter's life, but costing Justine time for escape. If Marot is spared, Malo will then only focus on Justine.

The test for the player here is to see whether or not they are coordinated and fast-to-act, whether or not upon impulse, they'll panic and flee to save their own lives, or stay calm and attempt to save another's life while endangering their own in the process.[speculation]


Assuming he was saved, Marot's voice can be heard in the ending along with any other survivors, demanding to be let out.[12] If he is saved, Marot is always the last to speak.


  • "You there, help me, and I'll call on my men to save us from this hellhole."
  • "What's going on out there? I'm Detective Marot of the Sûreté Nationale and I demand to know what's going on!"
  • "Hey, you? We are almost free, come on, get us out of here."


  • His first name, "Felix," is never said or seen in the game. It is only visible on sound files inside the game's install directory.
  • Unlike the other two hostages, Justine admitted she knew very little about the Inspector.[4]
  • Although Marot can be sacrificed for extra time to escape, Malo will only stop actively pursuing Justine to focus on him if she has already gone through the door that leads to the next area, and then immediately lowered the lever on the other side to shut it behind her. Assuming these conditions are met, Malo will not break the door down but instead turn on Marot while Justine flees. However, if Justine abandoned Marot but then ran past the door without lowering the lever, Malo will ignore Marot and still give chase to her until the end of the hallway.
  • Despite Malo's ability to break down metal doors with ease, he is apparently unable to destroy the one that protects Marot if Justine lowered it completely.
  • Of all the hostages, Marot is the hardest to save from death. Due to Malo's speed and ability to easily track Justine, it is difficult for one to both save the Inspector and survive Malo.


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