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View from Tasi Trianon's perspective as she sits on the ground. She holds her forearms in front of her, clenching her fingers awkwardly, as black veins pulse through her skin. Her infection is advancing as her fear grows.

Tasi's fear grows uncontrollably, as does the state of her infection.

Fear is a central mechanic in Amnesia: Rebirth which represents Tasi Trianon's mental state.


Amnesia Tasi Normal

A normal-looking Tasi looking at her reflection within a fountain. Should Tasi be overcomed with fear more than once, her appearance will become more horrific, signaling a quickening of her transformation into a Ghoul.

Staying in the darkness, witnessing disturbing events, staring at enemies, simply being too close to enemies and taking damage all increase Tasi's fear level. As such, fear functions as a combination of sanity and health.

Ghouls can sense Tasi as her fear increases, as implied by the sniffing noises they make at close range.

If Tasi's fear level grows too high, she will be overcome and briefly succumb to her mutation, which acts as the game's "death". Unlike previous games, Tasi does not respawn at an earlier checkpoint; instead, she will wake up at a point further ahead, bypassing the section where she was overcome.


The primary indicator of Tasi's fear level is black tendrils creeping in from the edges of the screen, growing longer and more pronounced at higher levels.

When Tasi is close to being overcome by fear, images will flash on the screen accompanied by a brief sound effect.

Managing and reducing fear[]

The easiest and most reliable way to keep your fear at bay is staying out of the darkness and finding, or igniting, light sources. Assuming that no disturbing events occur or no monsters appear, staying in the light for long enough will reduce your fear level to zero.

From the Cistern onward, your baby will kick periodically. Checking in on your baby when it kicks will reduce fear. Finally, drinking laudanum will reduce your fear. This should be done sparingly, however, as laudanum is exceedingly rare.

Cut content[]

At one point during development, Tasi was to have a status indicator, showing her Fear level graphically, much the same as the Sanity and Health meters in previous games (such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent). However, this is not included in the final game. Only the status indicator icon art remains available.

Fear meter


  • Depending on how many times you were overcome by fear, some scenes will be affected. For instance, whenever Tasi reaches a fountain, such as within the French Fortress or the fountain within the Empress' Tower, there is an option to look at your reflection. Should the player not die once, Tasi will comment on still looking like herself. Should she have died once or one too many times, she will reflect with horror.
  • Lastly, the number of times Tasi is overcome with fear will also effect the escape ending of the game. In that ending, should Tasi be overcome with fear one too many times, in the last scene it would show her almost complete transformation into a ghoul.