Father Jeremiah was a priest in St.Dunstan's church. He deeply admired Oswald Mandus for various charities and his seeming care for the impoverished. Oswald's notes seem to suggest Jeremiah was told about the machine, after which he decided to join his people in the holding pens and enter the machine with them as their shepherd.


Father Jeremiah's Journal, October 1st 1899Edit

They flock to us now, where once I had to walk amongst them, to bring salvation into their lives. Now, drawn by warmth in winter, by the food that Mandus distributes, my church is full and my charges are saved. He walks amongst them and they almost worship him. He will not allow them to work in his factories, claiming that his workforce are specially trained for the new machinery he uses, and that it would be irresponsible, nay unethical, to risk such precious lives as he sees here.

A changed man since Mexico. It is to be praised that in the face of such appalling tragedy, and from the confines of his sickbed, as he is often chained to, he conducts one of the greatest and most benevolent charities in all of London. Not content with the rise to become the dominant food produce business in the land, he distributes his goodwill, his fares, to the poor and they congregate about his kingdom in gratitude.

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