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Careful with the rose flavored ones, they are said to ease your mind, but also make you forget things.

Faraj offering Turkish Delights to Thurston Herbert

Faraj was a friend of Professor Thurston A. Herbert and a major character in the short story "Old Friends", from the Remember short story collection.


Not much is known about him, but according to his appearance in Remember, during 1839 he lived in Algeria together with his nephew Baki. At some point, he came into possession of Johann Weyer's map of the Tomb of Tin Hinan, suggesting that Faraj and Johann knew each other.[speculation]

Events of Old Friends[]

In early May, 1839, Faraj’s old friend Thurston Herbert visited Algiers to make the final preparations for his expedition to the Tomb of Tin Hinan.[3] Herbert and Faraj made arrangements to meet near a mosque inside the Casbah portion of the city, however, Herbert was delayed by his unfamiliarity with the unpredictable streets.[4] Despite this, Herbert eventually made his way to Faraj and the two exchanged warm greetings and began to catch up with each other.[5]

Faraj then led Herbert back to his house, where he offered him tea and Turkish delights, although he cautioned his friend from eating too many rose-flavoured delights due to their amnesiac effects.[6] Faraj then expressed some doubt regarding bith the chances of Herbert’s success as well as his grasp of the seriousness of the situation, but Herbert managed to reassure him.[7] The two men then discussed the possibilities of what lay beyond Earth, including religious implications, with Faraj expressing excitement at the idea that God was in actuality one of the “travelers”.[8]

The two men then got down to business. Faraj produced Johann Weyer’s map to the Tin Hinan Tomb, and specified the exact route to Herbert.[9] Later that evening, a rebel uprising against the French colonial forces was triggered in the city. Faraj's nephew and one of the rebels, Baki, took refuge inside Faraj’s home along with some companions.[10]

When Baki saw Herbert, he admonished his uncle for fraternizing with a European and took him hostage to try and bargain with the French soldiers, with Faraj begging him to release Herbert.[11] Baki and his rebel comrades then exited the house with Herbert held at knifepoint, trying to bargain with Captain Ambroise to let them go, but the Frenchman ignored their hostage and ordered his men to ready their weapons.[12] Faraj tried to defuse the situation but he, Baki, and the other rebels were shot by the Captain and his men.[12] Baki and the others were presumably killed immediately, but Faraj lingered for a few moments, during which an unhurt Herbert comforted him as he died.[13] Fortunately, Herbert managed to escape to the luxurious hotel where he and Daniel were staying.


  • « “Careful with the rose flavored ones, they are said to ease your mind, but also make you forget things.” »


(Triggered when entering the Control Room )

"Herbert, how did we find this place?"
"An old friend back in Algiers gave me a map."
"Why isn’t he with us? Didn’t he want to come?"
"He wanted to Daniel. But things don’t always turn out the way we plan."
Herbert and Daniel discussing Faraj.


  1. Algeria was a French colony from 1830–1848, and a full part of France proper 1848–1962, hence the use of the French tricolor flag to refer to Algerians of this time-period.


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