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Several of the older forms have breached their containment area and escaped into the sewers [...] these are damned places now, the abode of failed experiments, ghosts of fear and spite.

Oswald's Documents, August 1st 1899.

The Failed Experiments are the earlier versions of the Tesla. These versions have become overheated and, as a result, their vitae has splintered, causing them to be invisible to the naked eye.


The Failed Experiments are highly reminiscent to the Kaernk of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and, likewise, are restricted to not being able to leave the waters. The main difference from their older counterparts are the visible electric currents charging through their otherwise invisible bodies. They also make the player's lantern flicker like any of the other Manpigs and seem to be able to see the player, moving towards Mandus even when he hasn't touched the water at all.


Failed Experiments appear in the following locations:

The first encounter in the Sewers is purely introductory and safe as long as the player doesn't intentionally walk into the water.

The second encounter in the Bilge is far more dangerous, because it involves falling into the flooded area below, causing a pair of Failed Experiments to give chase almost immediately. A quick orientation will instantly show the escape route, which can be safely traversed if the player reacts quickly.


  • Compared to the Kaernk, Failed Experiments are easier to track down due to the electricity they emanate. It is unknown if these creatures can be killed in the same way as with the Kaernk (e.g. bashing a heavy object on them) since there are no crates to throw at them.
  • It is unknown why the Failed Experiment's electricity currents wouldn't electrify the water, since it doesn't seem pure enough and so would be a conductor for electricity.
    • A possible explanation is that the "filthy discharge" Oswald Mandus refers to is contaminated with many substances, of which some may be insulators.