The Factory Sewers is the eighth (8th) level in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. They are accessed through the Factory Tunnels. Several valves need to be operated in order to progress to the Bilge


The Sewers are one of the more odious and unsettling levels. They feature vast pools of wastewater and presumably fecal matter which litters the water and the walls. The pools are intersected with catwalks and segregated by floodgates.

This Leaking WorldEdit

"Isn't it dangerous allowing this filthy discharge to collect so close to the core?"
"We can use the flow to drive the turbines, there will always be a torrent of excreta flooding through these tunnels. We can use this to supplement the steam production and ensure constancy."
"Dear god the stench. This fecal matter is the true product of the age."
-Oswald Mandus, in a flashback when discussing with The Engineer about the discharge in the Sewers.

This is the first place where the player encounters a Failed Experiment. Similar to the Kaernk, this one differs from The Dark Descent's version as it has an electric aura about it. Wretches are also encountered multiple times throughout the level, though this is purely visual and there is no real threat.

As the player arrives in the Factory Sewers, they will hear a flashback where Oswald is complaining about the dirty water in the sewer. There are two valves the player needs to turn to drain the flooding and open Sluice Gate 1 and Sluice Gate 2. Once the floodgates are lowered the player can safely traverse the sewers and once again enter a decontamination chamber to proceed deeper into the sewers, entering the Manpigs' nest.

A grisly spectacle awaits as the Manpigs are seen walking the corridors below and feasting around a table full of meat (including a human torso). The player is in no danger, however, as they are far down below, unable to give chase. As Oswald makes his way deeper into the complex, he comes across numerous cells in which the Manpigs reside while being passive or inactive, some doors have movable lids which allow Oswald to observe them playing, sleeping and so on.

Beyond the cells, the player will descend through a series of pipes, going ever deeper into the bowels until the Bilge is reached.

Found Documents Edit

  • October 22nd 1899 - At the very start of the Sewer, head right. It's on the floor next to a skeleton.
  • August 1st 1899 - It's on a table in the room with the first valve.
  • February 17th 1899 - In the room with the second valve, on a shelf on the right side of the room.


Found in a dead-end passageway in the Sewers.

Mandus : But we can save them, we can set them free, we can replace a rotten old world, with a clean new one!

Professor A : Mr. Mandus, you sound every bit the fanatic.

Mandus :Well how can I be otherwise Professor? How can any man of ethics simply stand by and watch this world drown in its own excrement?

Professor A : And your Engineer, this visionary with whom you embarked upon this course. Does he share your views?

Mandus : Indeed he does, indeed he does! The poor fellow has seen it all before, now this is not the first great civilization he has wept for.

Professor A : And so you set about things immediately upon your return.

Mandus : Naturally, naturally, these things cannot be left to rot upon the tree, and sponsors were remarkably easy to find. I tell you Professor, a trail of greed brings rich men to your door, like pigs to truffels!


  • The music Dieses Herz is constantly played with a phonograph in the Manpig's nest. This was a measure to calm the Manpigs, as stated in this document.





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