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The Factory is the sixth (6th) level in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.


A phonograph can be found at the Factory's entrance, sitting on a table with a lit lamp on it.

A Telephone can be found in the Manager Room, where the mysterious man (The Engineer) warns Oswald about the Wretches that lurks deep in the Factory.

And so to The Stoking[]

Water in his shoes... always the water and the sparks of the embers of the wheels. It's too bony! It's too damn bony!

It features a large hall, riddled with machinery and huge pistons. As a result of the sabotage, some of the furnaces are no longer in operation. In order to proceed through the gates and into the TunnelsMandus has to restart these coal furnaces and reactivate them using the three levers in the Piston Control Room.

The furnaces are numbered from No. 1 to No. 6. Three furnaces are currently down, so Mandus must place at least two pieces of coal into the furnaces and close the burner, then turn on the green button under the furnaces to set them on. After they are all set, go to the Piston Control Room and set the three levers to the front, and the lights will be blown out.


  • Furnace No. 1: Active
  • Furnace No. 2: Inactive (Two coal pieces will already be in the machine)
  • Furnace No. 3: Inactive (Two coal pieces can be found on the floor)
  • Furnace No. 4: Active
  • Furnace No. 5: Active
  • Furnace No. 6: Inactive (One coal piece can be found on the floor. Head back to earlier areas, and find another piece of coal)

This however, will alert several wretches and they will start patrolling the corridors. The first one he'll encounter after starting the machinery will just run away. Follow it and he will see a barred door that was closed earlier is now open. Crouch past it and go down the stairs to the lower part of the Factory. Here, a pair of Wretches are guarding the area. Oswald must duck past them and go under the piston with red light near it to get into a secret passageway under the machinery. Make sure you break into a run whenever a high-pitched pig shriek (Terror Meter) was heard, indicating that one of them has found you. If you successfully evaded the Wretches and enter the passageway under the pistons. At there, he goes into the elevator shaft.

During his ride in the shaft, the elevator shakes violently, causing Mandus to black out for a while. As he awakes, he finds himself in the Factory Tunnels.


  • Exit from the hallway and enter the only building outside
  • On the room, there’s a telephone and a stairs leading to the factory machines. Go down here and keep following the path until you reached a room and another downstairs. Nothing really interesting going up to the manager room
  • Reaching to Level 2, the first gate is half opened, crouch to get through. In the end, there’s a “Piston Control Room” enter this room. In here you’ll see there’s some panel indicates which furnace that are not lit and you need to lit them up before you can use the lever in this room
  • To lit up the furnace, open the grate, and put the coal inside, close the grate and hit the switch. Do the same for other furnaces
  • Once all furnaces are lit, go back to the control room and push all three levers. This will also turn off all the lighting’s. Make your way to the 3rd Level in the far end of this area
  • On the 3rd Level, there are 2 Wretch patrolling the area so be careful, Make your way to the end of this area (refer to the map as the place is too dark) and enter the 4th Level of this area by falling into the pit of some sort
  • At Level 4, turn left and into the stairs and enter “In The Nest of Eggs” through the lift on the left side
"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
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Found Documents[]

  • October 17th 1899 - It's up the stairs in a desk in the "Works Manager" office.
  • October 18th 1899 - It can be found in the piston control room, on a small desk to your right right after entering the room.
  • October 21st 1899 - It's downstairs, on the left side of the room you reach after restarting the furnaces. To reach it, you must first keep on the right side for a bit until it's possible to move to the left, and then backtrack a bit. It's on a workbench, near a furnace. Be careful, as a manpig roams this area.
  • April 30th 1899 - After you drop down onto the conveyor belts, head to the right. The note is on a box near a map of the facility.


These are all the phonographs found in the Factory:

Found at the Factory entrance, on a table with a lit lamp.

"These men, Professor, these so-called men of vision! They would shackle the masses to a wheel and turn it until their backs break. All for that opiate, the lure of profit. These fools who lackey them, these priests, these officials, this... government. They make pigs of us all!"
Professor A
"But what solution, my dear man, how to break a cycle. You cannot simply remove the promise of a better world for these unfortunates. In the workhouses, in the orphanages, the belief in heaven is surely the only succor one can find!"
"We do not need to wait! We can bring forth paradise now! We can speed the passion! With only a small sacrifice we can hold the apocalypse. With just a small sacrifice we can free our shackles and deliver them to paradise now."


  • Despite apparently being weaker than Daniel, Oswald has no problem lifting large chunks of coal and placing them into the furnaces.
  • An Engineer can be seen driving a Truck past the building when looking outside the window of the Works Manager room.