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Salim, I am sorry. Without Lukas, I cannot bear it. The rest of you: this is not Salim's fault. I am of sound mind.

Eva Ritter's suicide note — March, 1937

Eva Ritter is a minor character in Amnesia: Rebirth. She was a geologist and one of the fourteen members of the Triple Crown Mining Co. Sadiola mining expedition to the French Sudan. As such she was one of the passengers aboard the Cassandra when it crashed.[4] She is voiced by British actress Amelia Tyler, who also voices the Otherworlder alchemist Atharu.[6]


Early life[]

Very little is known about Eva Ritter’s early life besides the fact she was born in Germany, possibly in the coastal city of Hamburg.[3] As an adult, she would become an experienced geologist, gaining herself a good reputation and the accompanying references.[3] At some point in time she met and married a man named Lukas Ritter, with whom she had an extremely close and loving relationship.[3]

Events of Amnesia: Rebirth[]


In early 1937, Eva was hired by the Triple Crown Mining Company to examine and revitalize the Jaka Sanulama gold mine in the French Sudan.[3] Lukas was also hired as the expedition’s second gun, as they were a package deal. The expedition's leader, Hank Mitchell, had a brief telephone call with her, presumably to establish a rapport and arrange any special requests, such as shared living accommodations for her and her husband.[3] Hank then sent a message to his assistant for the expedition, Rachael Holt, about getting the sleeping arrangements organized.[3]

She and Lukas traveled from Hamburg to Algiers, where the expedition was gathering to make final preparations before embarking. While they were getting ready to depart, Anastasie "Tasi" Trianon, the expedition's French engineering drafter, sketched Eva and Lukas. In Tasi's drawing, they are stoically sitting on some luggage, Eva has an open book in her lap while Lukas is gazing off in the distance. It appears that Hank and Eva did not form a warm rapport like he did with other members of the expedition, since she believed he was unserious and he believed she was cold and efficient; however, his cadence suggests he was exaggerating for the sake of a witticism and that their working relationship was stable.[7] Hank also believed that Eva would work well with the mining engineer, Jonathan Webber, furthering suggesting that Eva and Hank had a good working relationship despite their differences in personality.[8]

Eva and Lukas were both aboard the Cassandra when it crashed in the Algerian desert. Eva and Lukas survived the initial crash, but the latter was severely injured, so Hank, Jonathan Webber, Leon De Vries, and Malick Tamboura worked quickly in the aftermath of the crash to get him out from under pieces of rubble, after which Dr. Anton Metzier retrieved his case and worked quickly to stop Lukas' bleeding with bandages.[9] Dr. Metzier was successful in stabilizing Lukas, allowing him to be moved to the cave for shelter and recovery.[9]

The next day, the able-bodied members of the expedition left the caves to search for help and supplies. Eva, despite being uninjured, stayed behind to tend to her wounded husband, as well as Salim Hannachi, who was also injured, although not as badly as Lukas. It appears that sometime after the expedition left, Lukas succumbed to his injuries and died, leaving Eva completely distraught.[2] So much so, that after she and Salim buried him, she decided to commit suicide by overdosing on Laudanum.[2] In her suicide note, she apologised to Salim for leaving him all alone, explaining that she couldn’t bear her husband’s death; furthermore, she addressed the rest of the expedition, telling them to not hold Salim accountable for her death.[2]

During the game[]

After reaching the village of Aman Tesemt, Dr. Metzier and Yasmin Chabani tried to contact Eva and Salim on the radio numerous times.[10]

During the game, Tasi Trianon found her corpse in the caves besides Lukas’ grave, she noticed that Eva's body was cold to the touch but otherwise was not visibly decomposing, meaning she most likely died only a few hours before Tasi found her.[11] After Tasi reaches the fort and gets the radio there, Dr. Metzier at first mistakes her voice for Eva's, but quickly realises his mistake.



Eva Ritter was described as being rather conscientious and somewhat reserved. She was labelled a "cold fish," as well as "very German" and "very precise" by Hank Mitchell.[3][1] Hank lamented the fact that Eva seemed (to him) like she thought he was not taking things seriously enough.[7] However, she had a another side to her, as she deeply loved her husband Lukas, the two of them refused to be parted when one was hired for the expedition.[3] Her love for him was so deep that when he died, she committed suicide rather than continue living without him.[2]


Eva Ritter had blonde hair, light-coloured eyes, and appeared to be of average height. Her exact age is unknown, but accounting for the fact she is neither visibly middle-aged nor all that youthful, as well as the lengthy education and work experience required of geologists ― especially for those with Eva's reputation and references ― it can be reasonably estimated that Eva is somewhere in between the ages of 30 and 40.


  • « Salim, I am sorry. Without Lukas, I cannot bear it. The rest of you: this is not Salim's fault. I am of sound mind. »


  • It is all but certain that Eva was fluent, or at the very least highly competent, in English as well as her native German, due to the fact she was hired by a British mining company on an expedition full of English speakers. However, her husband Lukas was noted by Hank as being conversant in English rather than fluent.[1]



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