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"Don't want any of the guests coming in here."
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This is a page containing all quotes for Enoch and Edwin Mandus.

Real-time dialogue[]

This is for all of Enoch's and/or Edwin's dialogue that takes place in real-time during Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. As both boys are already dead, these are predominantly hallucinations.

  • "Daddy, Daddy, find us." - Spoken right after leaving Oswald's bedroom.
  • "There's a bad man coming." - Spoken when ascending the ladder to the attic.
  • "We're hiding, Daddy." - Spoken when following the children further into the attic.
  • "This way, Papa. Come and see!" - Spoken when going down the stairs in Mansion part 2.
  • "Come and see, Papa. We found an egg, a stone egg!" - Spoken near the entrance to the Cellar.
  • "Come on slow coach. It's this way." - Spoken when entering the Cellar.
  • "Follow us, Papa, we know the way." - Spoken while walking further into the Cellar.
  • "I've told you he'd come." - Spoken when approaching the first Decontamination Chamber.
  • "Down here Daddy. Faster, Faster!" - Spoken when descending the stairs leading to the Factory Sewers.
  • "That's it Papa! You're so near now!" - Spoken as you approach the Decontamination Chamber in the Sewers.
  • "He's here! He's here!" - Spoken as you make your way into the Bilge pumps.
  • "Daddy! Daddy!" - Shouted when Oswald is reactivating The Machine.
  • "Daddy." - Whispered as Oswald entered the Temple after passing the conveyor belt.


This is for all Enoch's and/or Edwin's dialogue that is told through flashbacks.


"Come on, Papa! Lets climb this one. I can see more pictures at the top!"


"This way, Papa, come and see! Will it hatch? Can we take it home?"
"Yes, my darlings. Of course we can take it home."
"Listen, Papa - hold the egg to your ear, you can hear the sea!"