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Come and see, Papa. We found an egg, a stone egg

Enoch and Edwin finding the Orb

Enoch Mandus and Edwin Mandus are the sons of Oswald and Lily Mandus. Enoch is the younger twin, and Edwin is his older brother. It is unknown if the children seen in game are their ghosts or simply a hallucination, since they were killed before the events of the game.


The kids were born in 1890, to Oswald and Lily Mandus. Edwin was born first, and during the birth of Enoch, their mother Lilibeth died. She lived long enough to see his older brother, but not him.[citation needed]

Their father, Oswald Mandus, made a promise to their mother upon her deathbed that he would take care of them both. Oswald was a very devoted father. He confessed that he'd do anything to protect them: lie, cheat, steal and even kill.[citation needed] Oswald himself speculated that their birth is the event that split his soul in two, which eventually lead to the creation of The Engineer, when the wicked part of his soul was put into The Machine.[citation needed]

Their father specifically ordered the servants to set their bedroom up in the attic, in-between his bedroom and his office, ensuring that he would always spend time with them on his way to work no matter how busy he was. They often played hide and seek in the attic.[citation needed]

They often played in the cellar, something which their father was anxious about and told them repeatedly to stay out of. One time Edwin was splashed with chemicals, and Oswald scolded Enoch, telling him to "look to his brother" for what could have happened to him as well.[citation needed]

The brothers were very loving and compassionate individuals. They often helped the mansion staff to keep their father's home and estate clean. They shared a love for all living things, as they once found an injured bird and wanted to nurse it back to health, but their Nanny regarded it as a diseased, filthy thing and killed it. They wanted to stay up past when everyone else was asleep just so they could bury the body in the garden.[citation needed]

The Trip to Mexico[]

In November 1899, their father faces financial ruin for having invested too heavily in new machinery for his factory. Due to the financial troubles, Oswald Mandus began to look through his great uncle's paperwork and found out about a temple in Mexico that could aid him in his troubles, spurring him to make an expedition there.[citation needed]

Oswald arrived at the temple with the twins on February 14. The twins somehow managed to find an orb within the temple, calling it a "stone egg". Upon touching it, their father saw what doom Enoch and his older brother would face. After that, Oswald sacrificed the twins on the temple steps to spare them of this future. After this, he departed for London, as a fever overtakes in. Back in London, he would bury their tiny skulls in the garden.[citation needed]


  • "Daddy, Daddy, find us."
  • "Come and see, Papa. We found an egg, a stone egg!"
  • "Listen Papa, hold the egg to your ear, you can hear the sea!"



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