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The Enkindled Fortress is a location mentioned in Amnesia: Rebirth as some kind of country/city or other political entity with its own laws and rulers.


The apostate Ayandra fled the Fortress after angering its rulers and sought refuge in The Empire, who accepted him for his talents and only later expelled him when they found out the extent of his crimes.[1]

Enkindled Fortress might an insubordinate outpost/city of the Empire or perhaps a rival country. It was mentioned this entity has tried to incite a rebellion in part of the Empire against the Empire and subordinates of Empress Tihana advised to take a military action.[2] It can be reasonably presumed that the Enkindled Fortress was located in Other World, though its geographic location is an uncertainty indeed, the vague language of the memory capsules and tablets in the game do not rule out the possibility that the Enkindled Fortress did not share a planet with the Empire.


  • "Enkindle" means to put something on fire or make it bright.[3] It is unknown whether this meaning reflects the true nature of Enkindled Fortress.[4]
  • The Enkindled Fortress may also be a reference to Brennenburg as Brennenburg loosly translates to burning mountain in German.[5]