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Engineers are a type of manpigs and enemies in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, encountered by Oswald Mandus.


A tougher counterpart of the Wretch, the engineers are encountered in the mid/late parts of the game. They are seen acting like foot soldiers, kidnapping the citizens of London when The Machine gave them the command.


They appear to be a pig mutated into a man with metal pipes protruding through its right arm and back. A metal plate appears above its right eye and it has a distorted left arm that seems to be split in two, having the upper half holding the lower half and both of them wrapped in bandages.


Engineers are found in the following locations:

These encounters can be extremely dangerous in both the Engine Rooms and the Streets. The Engineers spotted in the Factory, Sewers, Pigline, and the Tesla are purely cinematic and cannot harm you.


  • The Engineer's physical appearance shares some similar features to the Brute's appearance from the previous game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, such as metal fixings that were grafted onto their bodies.
  • The Engineers appear to be the more brutal form of the Manpigs, and treat the Wretches with a certain degree of contempt. In the Nest of Wretches, an Engineer and a Wretch cross paths and the Engineer can be seen violently slamming the Wretch aside and to the ground. The Wretch eventually gets up and hobbles away.
  • In the teaser trailer, a monster is seen smashing down a door; the only actual part seen of the enemy was the hand, which is the same as the Engineer's. Therefore, it is likely that the Engineer was the monster in the trailer.


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