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The Engine Rooms are the eleventh (11th) area in Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, it contains an elevator, the pressure regulation console, multiple corridors as well as the main engine room. A note can be found in this area, explaining how children from the orphanage were used to clean the steaming hot pipes.


Mandus' psyche becomes very unstable in this area, as he periodically hallucinates and blacks out. He sometimes ended up in a completely different place after he collapses.

Mandus, Saboteur[]

The Engineer
"What are you doing little piggy? Do you think I will allow you to sabotage me again?"
Oswald Mandus
"I want my children you unholy bastard!"                   
The Engineer and Oswald after one of the rooms has been sabotaged.

As Mandus is awoken, in the elevator, after he passes out in the Reactor, he walks through several passages until he walks through a corridor where he hallucinates that his children are walking toward him. After this point, he will pass out again.

He wakes up again, but in one of the engine rooms. He has to climb up the ladder to reach the console. Before he ascends, he sees some Pig Masks falling onto the floor. To gain access to the rest of the engine rooms ahead, the pressure regulation needs to be sabotaged as the passage is blocked by steam. This is done by removing the cylinders powering it, as well as shutting off the main regulation handle. The player can safely walk past the engines and descend the stairs to hear another flashback. Mandus will eventually black out again. He awakes once more, sees an Engineer walking away and notices a page of his diary beside him.

Further ahead, in the main engine room, the pressure system will have to be destroyed to safely escape through the pipe system, but in order to do this access to the steam vents will be required. Pieces of piping conduit can be removed from machinery across the room to lower the pressure and aid in the sabotage. Machinery will gradually stop functioning as the pressure drops. Returning to the main room the player can see a series of glass pipes which are able to be broken by slamming a cogwheel into them.

When the sabotage is complete and the machinery falls silent, an alarm will trigger and several Engineers will rush into the room to stop Mandus from escaping. Mandus has to climb up the main ladder and through the main pipe system into the next room to access the elevator to the Streets.


"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
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Found Documents[]

  • December 29th 1899 - At the start of the level, on the floor near the ladder.
  • August 31st 1899 - Up the ladder, on the machinery in the room labelled "Pressure Regulation".
  • December 1st 1899 - After the cutscene that happens once you're done sabotaging, you'll wake up on the floor and the note will be right in front of you on the floor.


  • This level, along with the Bilge Pumps, does not have an auto save upon entering. Whether this was a glitch or intended is unknown.
  • This area will be the first one where the player faces the Engineer manpigs up close.
  • This is the area where Mandus blacks out the most, at least twice, if the blackout in the Reactor is not counted.
  • A glitch on this map often used by speed runners is used on the barred gate at the far right area of the massive room. If one were to go to the right of the gate, and walk into the wall, The Machine will taunt Mandus, as he glitches through the gate.




Engine Rooms