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This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

The empty bottle is a resource item in Amnesia: The Bunker. Its main uses are as a distraction and as an element in crafting.


The empty bottle can be thrown as a distraction for the Beast in a tight spot. The empty bottle is also an element in crafting other useful items. While item spawns are randomized to some extent throughout the bunker, a plentiful supply of empty bottles is reliably found in the Wine Cellar room, which can only be accessed with the wrench and/or the cutters.

Fuel bottle[]

The fuel bottle is one stepwise permutation of the crafting recipe, made with one empty bottle and one canister of fuel. The fuel bottle is also throwable and makes the business of coating corpses or rats, with fuel for burning an easier task than getting closer and pouring out the fuel.

Within the Maintenance wing of the bunker, Henri Clement can gain access to the Fuel Storage room, which offers unlimited amounts of fuel to refill empty bottles. These refilled fuel bottles can be used for offensive purposes, in the creation of additional petrol bombs, or for defensive purposes, in better ferrying extra fuel to the generator. On shellshocked difficulty, Fuel Bottles can also be used to light the Lantern in Administration to save. Shooting a dropped fuel bottle with the gun or the shotgun will not do anything.

One should note that refuelling the generator with a fuel bottle will consume the bottle as well, so even though the fuel tank can technically be used infinitely, bottles used are still finite themselves when used.

Empty bottle with cloth[]

The empty bottle with cloth is another stepwise permutation of the crafting recipe, made with one empty bottle and one cloth. The empty cloth bottle is also throwable, like the basic empty bottle, but (to current knowledge) lacks any additional use. When the empty cloth bottle is thrown, however, it leaves behind the cloth used to make it.

Petrol bomb[]

The petrol bomb is the final result of the crafting recipe, composed of one cloth, one empty bottle, and one fuel in total. The petrol bomb is throwable, and otherwise functions similarly to the fuel bottle, with the additional usage of allowing it, by use of the lighter, to not only be thrown, but also ignited on impact. The petrol bomb thus has far increased efficacy as a weapon, compared to any of its crafting ingredients. Shooting at a dropped petrol bomb with the gun or the shotgun will not do anything.