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Empress Atua, also known as Blessed Atua of the Golden Hand was a former Empress of the Empire of the Other World, the mother of Tihana, and the daughter of Marai Stone-Heart.[1]


Empress Atua was the ruler of the Empire before her daughter Tihana.[1] She came from a long bloodline of other Otherworld aliens and was the sixth ruler of Ur-naya's dynasty.[1] At some point, she had a daughter who was ill with a terminal diagnosis.[2] Atua decreed that her daughter must live, and thus an unclear procedure began.[2]

Atua appeared to have died during the medical procedure to save her daughter, whether as a result or by coincidence.[2] By the end of the procedure, her daughter’s life was saved and she was made immortal with Vitae, taking up the orb "from Atua's lifeless brow" and the regnal name, Tihana.[2]



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