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"Wilhelm knew Emil was up to no good. He had one of his men follow Emil that night and caught him as he torched the barn. After alerting the family, Wilhelm’s man had fetched his master to arrest Emil."
―The Statement of Dorothea Stoss[src]

Emil was a farmhand who worked in Herr Stoss' farm, a tiny farm a couple of miles outside of Altstadt. He was born in or around 1684. He is featured solely in the Remember - Amnesia The Dark Descent short story House of Gerich.

Information[edit | edit source]

On Thursday, 28th of September 1704, a large fire consumed the barn in the Stoss farm. During this time, Emil was sleeping alone inside the barn, as he did sometimes. Because of his nyctophobia, he was unable to sleep, Herr Stoss' daughter, Anna, sneaked into the barn and brought Emil some lamp oil that he could burn in a tin bowl. Emil lighted a tin bowl but fell asleep with the fire still burning.

Later he woke up screaming his lungs out, as the barn was on fire. The entire family quickly gathered in the yard, but Herr Stoss decided to go inside the barn and save the animals. He couldn't release them quick enough and burned alive. Emil, crying hysterically, was comforted by Anna, who hadn't yet realised what had happened.

Later on, Wilhelm arrived with his men and arrested Emil for arson. Dorothea Stoss spoke to the lawmen as he was being arrested, and sent a statement to the magistrate in town, claiming that one of Wilhelm's men had caught Emil in the act of torching the barn.

Considering Wilhelm's loyalties, it is presumed that Wilhelm brought Emil up to Brennenburg Castle as a prisoner, to be used by Alexander of Brennenburg for Vitae extraction. He probably died a short time after the arrest.

House of Gerich[edit | edit source]

In 1774, a historian by the name of Klaas Gottschall tried to find the fate of Wilhelm of Gerich. After finding out about Dorothea's statement from a magistrate in Königsberg, he visits Anna Koch, formerly Stoss, who tells him about how sweet Emil was, and that the fire was all an accident. At a loss, he travels to Brennenburg to meet with the Baron.

"Sometimes Emil had to sleep alone inside the barn. He was twenty years of age, but still afraid of the dark, so I would sneak him some lamp oil he could burn in a tin bowl. He fell asleep with the fire still burning. Later he woke up screaming his lungs out. The barn was on fire. The entire family quickly gathered in the yard, but father being the man he was, decided he was going to save the animals inside. As you well know, he never came out. Emil was crying hysterically. I tried to comfort him, as I didn’t yet realize what had happened. Later, that Wilhelm fellow, arrived with his men telling Emil that he would have to come with them. Us children were sent inside, but mother spoke to the lawmen and later wrote a statement to the magister in town."
―Anna Koch, formerly Stoss[src]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are several flashbacks in Amnesia: The Dark Descent of a prisoner in Brennenburg Castle who proclaims his innocence of the purported arson he's imprisoned for.[1][2] In a flashback in the northern prison block, he can be heard proclaiming:
    "Do I deserve this? It wasn’t my fault! Why did he have to go in there? You don’t go into burning houses. He should have known better.”[3]
    In a later flashback in the Transept, he can be heard again as he's being prepared by Daniel and Alexander for the Judas' Cradle. In this flashback, he's being accused of "Set(ting) a man on fire" by Alexander, as he keeps insisting that "It was an accident".[4][5] Considering how well this matches up with the story of Emil, it could very well be theorised that this prisoner is in fact, Emil. However, since this would put Emil's age at around 155 at the time he's being tortured by Daniel and Alexander, this theory is unlikely.
    • It could however be further theorised, that Emil's life has been extended in a similar fashion to how Alexander's, Agrippa's, and Weyer's life have been extended - Perhaps by the use of an orb or through the use of Vitae. If one examines the Judas' Cradle, a victim flashback will appear, reading the following:
      "The arsonist kept crying as he was slowly lowered on and off the impaler. It didn't take much to break him. They had meant for him to die, but the torture was working beyond their expectations. It wasn't the method, it was the arsonist, he was different from the others. They could make him forget again."
      This could lend credence to the idea that this arsonist is Emil, having had his life artificially extended, since he is a valuable prisoner from which a lot of Vitae can be extracted.
    • Furthermore, this arsonist can be heard in a cell in the Nave realising he's been made to consume the Amnesia Drink to forget his torture, so that he can be tortured repeatedly and have as much Vitae extracted from him as possible.[6]
    • In the credits, the arsonist is simply referred to as "Innocent Man". He is voiced by Marc Biagi.

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