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Remember – Amnesia: The Dark Descent

"But mother, I don't want to leave without you!"
―Elise, in her cell.

Elise Zimmermann is the main character of the Remember - Amnesia the Dark Descent short story Waiting for the Rain and Daniel's final victim before he drank the Amnesia potion. She is the youngest daughter of the Zimmermann Family, discounting her infant sibling.

Information[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Elise Zimmermann is the daughter of Zimmermann, a dairy farmer, who lives with his wife and three children on a farm outside of Altstadt. Her father, Gustav, always favoured her brother and discriminated her along with her female siblings. Life didn't become easier for Elise after her brother died, as Gustav continuously blamed everything on his wife and daughters.

One day, Elise thought of running away from the family, tired of being scorned continuously by Gustav. On her way, however, Gustav found her and threatened to kill her. Realizing in time that he had become a monster for discriminating his family, Gustav stopped in his act. Elise took this chance to ran away from her father. Elise saw a glimpse of a carriage coming to her house. She thought to hitch a ride on the carriage.

The Dark Descent[edit | edit source]

"No, I won’t tell. I’ll never tell you!"
―Mrs.Zimmermann, in reply to Daniel in a flashback in the Prison.

Alexander, who was running out of prisoners for his sacrificial vitae, journeyed with Daniel to the Zimmermann Farm, where they struck down Zimmermann and took the mother along with the three children to be captive prisoners in Brennenburg. Elise and her remaining family were locked up in the Prison.

Escape Plot[edit | edit source]

Mrs Zimmermann manages to create a hole for Elise to escape. She warns Elise to search for Gabriel, the outrider to alert the king's men. Elise begs her mother to follow, but Mrs Zimmermann chooses to stay, as someone is approaching the cell. Elise enters the hole and begins to look for a way out. That approaching man turned out to be Daniel.

Unfortunately, Daniel, who had murdered Mrs Zimmermann beforehand, finds Elise in one of the dungeon corridors and murdered her in the Storage, as evidenced by these flashbacks. Upon seeing Elise's body, Daniel finally snapped, knowing that he's no longer the innocent man he used to know.

Loading Screens[edit | edit source]

These Loading Screens come up while heading to the Orb Chamber. They detail the last moments of Elise's life:

  • She cried and struggled as he pulled at her arm. Her flowered Sunday dress ripped and she fell into the mud.
  • The sight of her lifeless body crippled his psyche. He tried to remove himself from the scene, but he could not. Instead he fell to his knees and begged her for forgiveness.
  • All his life he had thought that he was a good man. Terrible deeds were only committed by terrible people, like Henry Bedloe, the bully in school, but now he had seen what he himself could do.
  • He had turned angry. It was easy to take her insolence and make her the villain in this story. But she didn't deserve to die. Even he could see that.
  • Alexander saw that the evening had taken a toll on his friend's mind and barred him from the Inner Sanctum. He could no longer be trusted to be a part of the ritual.
  • If it wasn't for Alexander, he would still be innocent and be able to die so.

From Scare to Plot-Point[edit | edit source]

A developer commentary microphone in the Storage suggests that the murder of the young girl was at first meant for scenery, but was later moved to a larger scale as a fitting part of the story, and a good key point for what caused Daniel to finally snap.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The young girl's first cry is heard in the Entrance Hall, most likely a hallucination by Daniel.
  • While in the Storage, the player can sometimes hear the faint cries of the girl. Elise is then heard a lot more frequently in the Storage, the area where Daniel murdered her and experiences his darkest flashbacks.
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