"You have an ascending room! Will it take us to the inner sanctum?"
―Daniel reacting to seeing the elevator.

The Elevator can be accessed from the Back Hall after fixing the machine powering it in the Machine Room.


When Daniel first tries to use the elevator ("ascending room") it will not work. To be able to use it, you must first fix the machine powering it in the Machine Room , with the help from the various notes and items you've obtained in the Storage and the other rooms that can be accessed from the Back Hall.

Once you get the elevator to work, it can be used to get to the Prison. The Shadow will invade this area, having completely consumed the Back Hall and Machine Room. This leaves Daniel no choice but to escape the nightmarish beast by riding the elevator down. Although about halfway there, the red residue The Shadow leaves behind will show up on the wall. Right after, the elevator will start shaking violently and then break down, falling right down to the prison.


  • In a commentary node found in the elevator, it can be heard saying that the elevator is not actually moving; it's the wall in front of the elevator that's moving. This same trick is used in cinemas and theatres around the world.
  • During a flashback Daniel calls the elevator an "ascending room" rather than a "lift", which is what the British and Commonwealth usually call it. This is because in 1823, the elevator made its debut in London as an "ascending room". The demonstration of it working was open to the public and Daniel must have attended the demonstration as a child.
  • The Elevator returns once again in A Machine for Pigs, as a means of accessing many areas in Mandus' factory compounds. The elevator's design has been altered to suit the game's current timeline.

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Elevator Falling Scene

Elevator Falling Scene

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