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The Dungeon is the third and possibly the most dangerous area in the Cabinet of Perturbation. It is mostly flooded, resembling the Cellar Archives or the Sewer from The Dark Descent. The third Suitor and the third hostage, Inspector Marot, are found here.


The dungeon is partly submerged.

The hostage in this area, Inspector Marot, is found before the final gate and will be eaten by a crazed, cannibalistic Malo de Vigny if not rescued.

A note from Daniel can be found in this area.


The Dungeon consists mainly of several rooms separated by large wooden gates. Malo spawns after opening the first gate and continues to harass the player until they leave the area.


"Do you see, Daniel? A whole other world – isn't it beautiful?"
The following section is written from an out-of-universe perspective.
  • After opening the door, go to the right. This will take you to a room with a Lever on a table. Across from it on a shelf is an unopened letter from Daniel to Monsieur Florbelle. You will have to jump onto the crate to reach it.
  • Return to the main room and place the Lever on the base to the left of the vertical door. Pulling the completed lever up will not only open the door, but will also cause Malo to spawn close behind you. Quickly go through the door and turn to your left immediately. You will see a second lever. Pull it down to close the door. This allows you time to complete the next puzzle.
  • For the rest of this area, you will need to move and act quickly in order to survive. Malo will always know where you are, similar to a Kaernk, so attempting to hide will result in certain death. Sprinting constantly from this point on is a necessity.
  • Turn around and head for the door on the right. Grab the gear on the table in the room and carry it with you back the way you came. Once you do this, Malo will start breaking down the door.
  • Veer to the right past the platform in the middle to the doorway on the opposite side. Thankfully, the door ahead is already open. Once the gear is in place, book it for the next vertical door, as Malo is likely very close to breaking through. As with the previous door, pull the lever up to open it, then pull the lever on the other side down once you have made it through.
  • Malo will break down this door much faster, so you have very limited time to save Inspector Marot, if you so choose. In order to save him, you must close the open vertical door on the right. Turn the crank until the door splashes into the water. This is sufficient to stop Malo from entering.
    • Malo will be unable to damage the door until you interact with one of the functional cranks in the room. He will still pound on the door, to no effect, until then.
  • Saving Marot makes your time window for opening the final door very small. However, you only need to open it halfway and crouch underneath. This buys you precious seconds you need to get away, as Malo is very likely to have broken through.
    • Neglecting to save Marot causes him to be eaten by Malo, giving you ample time to open the door and run to the exit.
  • Close the door behind you as usual. This one will be broken in only two hits, but it still slows Malo down enough to make a difference. Run for the exit, jumping over the crates along the way, and escape to the Crypt.



  • Unopened Letter - Enter the door on the right side of the room and follow the path to a room. The note is on top of a shelf underneath a box at the right side of the room. It can be a little hard to spot.


  • The Dungeon is considered the hardest part of the game, since Malo is able to find and kill the player character easily, and he can break doors and obstacles very fast. One must be very fast in performing the level tasks, making saving Inspector Marot difficult.
  • You can block Malo from chasing you by barricading the first gate with boxes found in the room where the lever is found. While he will still see you and appear to chase you, he will be unable to move.


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