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The Dungeon is the third and possibly the most dangerous area in the Cabinet of Perturbation. It is mostly submerged, resembling the Cellar Archives or the Sewer from the Dark Descent. Malo and the third hostage, Inspector Marot can be found here.


The Dungeon consists mainly of several rooms separated by large wooden gates. Malo spawns after opening the first gate, and continues to harass the player until they leave the area.

The hostage in this area, Inspector Marot, is found before the final gate, and will be eaten by Malo if not rescued.

A note from Daniel can be found in this area.

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Notes Edit

  • Unopened Letter - Enter the door on the right side of the room and follow the path to a room. The note is on top of a shelf underneath a box at the right side of the room. It can be a little hard to spot.


  • The Dungeon is considered to be the hardest part of the game since Malo is able to find and kill the player easily, and he can break doors and obstacles very fast. The player needs to be very fast, making saving Inspector Marot very difficult.
  • You can block Malo from chasing you by barricading the first gate with boxes found in the room the lever can be found in. While he will still see you and appear to chase you, he will be unable to move.

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