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This article contains spoilers for Amnesia: The Bunker. Proceed with caution.

IMPORTANT: When processing deceased soldiers, please check the REVERSE SIDE of their ID tags for any messages, symbols, or locker codes.

These are to be wiped clean before the tag is preserved and recorded.

A note from Q. Friloux.

Dog tags are puzzle items found all over the Bunker, containing the name of the wearer on the front, and sometimes a locker combination on the back, leading to useful items. The purpose of the dog tags, much like in real life, is to identify the name of the wearer. In the game, only the first initial and surname are present.


In order for Henri Clément to make progress throughout the bunker, many combinations are needed. Most of the combinations found on the dog tags are ones to the person's personal locker, which will contain items inside them—some being optional, and others being required to make further progress.

For example, one of the items is the Lockdown Wheel, which is needed to lift the gate blocking the Arsenal, Prison, Maintenance area, and Soldier Quarters. Some dog tags found will contain no information on the back.

Most of the dog tags found around the bunker will be near the corpse of their owner. There are eleven lockers in the game, with four of the combinations being found in the same place in every game. Getting access to some dog tags can be difficult, as some corpses are swarmed with rats, requiring the player to get rid of them in some way. Taking damage while trying to view a dog tag will cause the tag to lower from view, requiring the player to interact with it again.



  • The Roman Tunnels is the only area of the bunker that contains no dog tags.
  • The combinations and locations of some dogs tags are randomized on each playthrough. Apart from making looking up their codes useless in walkthroughs, this also ensures the player has actually been to certain areas in the game in order to obtain the codes, ensuring a more unpredictable player progress.
  • In real life, the French Army dog tags of the First World War displayed on the front (obverse) the soldier's surname, first name, and "class year" in which he became eligible for compulsory military service.[1] The back (reverse) of the tag displayed the soldier's "military district and matricule number," according to a user on the Treasure Bunker militaria enthusiast forum.[1]


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