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"Please, call me Doctor Tate."
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Doctor Tate was Daniel's and Hazel's physician. Daniel visited Dr. Tate regarding his horrible nightmares a while after coming home from Algeria. After his visit, Tate was killed by the Shadow.


In the 1830's, Doctor Tate worked as the family physician for Daniel and his family in Canterbury, England, presumably at Canterbury Hospice.[1] He diagnosed Hazel, Daniel's younger sister, with some form of fatal disease and said that he didn't expect her to live past 1836, when she would turn 12.[1] She had to stay in bed during the summers because of her sickness.[2]

In 1839, Hazel turned 15. She had lived three years beyond what Tate had predicted, and her tired parents had her committed for permanent treatment at Canterbury Hospice.[1] In the summer of that year, Daniel returned from his expedition in Algeria, haunted by sleeplessness coupled with horrible nightmares.[3][4] On the 15th of July, Daniel travels from Mayfair, London to his hometown of Canterbury to pay a visit to Doctor Tate regarding this.[4] Little did Tate know, that Daniel's nightmare is caused by the Shadow, a revenge-seeking guardian which had been awoken after Daniel removed an Orb from the Tomb of Tin Hinan, and is now hunting him. Doctor Tate was slain by The Shadow the same night or the night after. Daniel found out about this on the 17th, which prompted him to travel to Brennenburg to seek help from Baron Alexander.[5]


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