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Dieses Herz (translated to This Heart) is a song and the 43rd track of A Machine for Pigs: Soundtrack.


With the background music composed with a piano and violin, the lyrics sound very soothing and may pull the heartstrings.


Original German[]

Schlaf mein Kind, schlaf
Dein Herz schlägt unter meiner Hand
Und ich wiege Dich
in diesen offenen Wunden mein
Dieses Herz

Sanft weiter durch mich
Und Dein Herz gehört mir
Und ich wiege Dich
in dieser finster werdenden Liebe
Dieses Herz

Träum diese heilige Wunde
wird bluten
und die Engel trauern
nur um Dich schlafen zu sehen
Mein Kind, schlaf und ich
werde Dich wiegen.

English translation[]

Sleep, my child, sleep
Your heart beats underneath my hand
And I cradle you
In these open wounds of mine
This heart

Softly on, through me
And your heart is mine
And I cradle you
In this darkening love
This heart

Dream this holy wound will bleed
And the angels grieve
Just to see you sleep
My child, sleep and I
Will cradle you


  • According to one of the found documents, the phonograph might play this song in order to soothe the Manpigs, as they use "music to further soothe the product," meaning the Manpigs.[1]